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How Do I Check The Status Of My Flight of Air China With An API?

Using an API can be the most effective solution for your business, if you want to get flight data from Air China Airlines, keep reading because we will explain how to use this tool.

Air China is the second largest commercial airline in China and is controlled by the People’s Republic of China. Its headquarters are in Beijing. It is the national carrier and the only airline whose whole fleet flies the national flag.

For travel companies are essential to offer tour packages that include global airlines such as Air China, that’s why many companies are using APIs in their system because it allows them to access global flight data in real-time. Besides, with an API, you will obtain the flight status, airport data, and aviation taxes of all the airlines and airports.

A flight API allows you to create your own platform or application for flights because it is simple to integrate into your system. On the other hand, you will be able to improve your service and client experience with this technology.

What Is An API and How Does It Work?

APIs are a collection of rules that control how computers, apps, and other devices interact. The API acts as a middleman between any two computers that need to communicate in order to complete a task.

If you’re looking for an API with china flight data, FlightLabs is worth checking into. It is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly APIs for flight data, and we encourage you to give them a try for your business.

To obtain the flight status of Air China, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and create an account. Then choose the airline’s endpoint and type the airline’s name.
  2. Then, on your dashboard, you’ll see a one-of-a-kind API key.
  3. To complete the procedure, click the “run” button. The API will be accessible soon.

The API call will appear like that: China

As a result, the final result will look like that:

                         "data": [
                                      "airline_name": "American Airlines",
                                      "iata_code": "AA",
                                      "iata_prefix_accounting": "1",
                                      "icao_code": "AAL",
                                      "callsign": "AMERICAN",
                                      "type": "scheduled",
                                      "status": "active",
                                      "fleet_size": "963",
                                      "fleet_average_age": "10.9",
                                      "date_founded": "1934",
                                      "hub_code": "DFW",
                                      "country_name": "United States",
                                      "country_iso2": "US"

Why FlightLabs?

The most complete API in the industry is FlightLabs because you can get detailed information about airlines and airports such as the airline’s speed, altitude, and coordinates. You can try out the free plan comes with a number of features that you can start using right now.

FlightLabs is built on a scalable cloud architecture that can handle any volume of inquiries per minute, from thousands to millions. With this API, you can access flight status, departures, daily flights, arrivals, aviation taxes, historical flights, and more are all available through their API. The API supports JSON, Python, and PHP, among other programming languages.

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