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China wants to take part in the technological bloom in Latin America

In 2014, when Alex Tabor made his first trip to Beijing, the Brazilian executive was concerned about communication. Tabor does not speak Mandarin, but he hoped (with the help of a translator) to be able to convey something: the enormous opportunity for Chinese companies looking to invest in Latin American…

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Ten things that you can not stop doing with your Android as soon as you discover them

The battle of the ‘smartphones’ is between iOS and Android. Many prefer Apple phones for their exclusivity. Android has a pull for the variety of models and prices that brands offer with it. In addition, the operating system of the green robot has little-known utilities. Radars, cache memory, use of…

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Banks are copying fintech startups!

An interesting phenomenon is taking place in the world of finance: The Banks, are adopting technological advances and innovation that come from startups “fintech”. According to what the newspaper Cronista publishes, from digital onboarding (opening of digital accounts), biometric validation of identity for all types of procedures, until obtaining an…

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