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10 things to help founders that looks for work-life balance

Maintaining the balance between personal and professional life promotes a better quality of life for employees, and consequently, a better performance in their work. Currently, the most valued benefits are not the economic benefits, but those that offer a balanced lifestyle between the personal and professional. Next, I present the ten main actions and policies of a company that cares about the balance of life and work of its employees.

Time flexibility

Whether the company offers different hours for the worker to choose, that a minimum of hours per day is met or that the worker freely manages his schedule; flexible hours give you the opportunity to freely manage the distribution of your time, thus giving you the opportunity to organize activities outside of work.

Recreational activities

Integrating leisure activities in the company, from a television in the dining room, to a pool table or a gamification program, helps to create a better environment for the workers. It is a tool to retain talent in the company, helps reduce stress and motivate employees during the workday.

Free time for celebrations

Celebrations within working hours encourage camaraderie, corporate pride and demonstrate interest and gratitude from the company. It could be considered a very important aspect for the employee to feel satisfied and part of a work team integrated to your company. Celebrations are considered the birthdays of collaborators, seniority in the company, holidays, social gatherings, open doors for the family, welcome events, among others.

Home office

Currently, traffic, insecurity and transportation costs of large cities have become strong problems for workers and points in favor to apply the “home office” or work at home. This modality offers the collaborator more productive hours per day, which would be what would happen in traveling from one point to another, which gives him time to spend more time with his family or in extra-work activities.

Departure time

At this point it should be taken into account that there are jobs that need to be met with a set schedule, however even for this somewhat more traditional modality, the interests of the employee and his work-life balance can be taken care of. , through punctually fulfilling their departure time, so that they can organize themselves and have time for other facets of their personal lives.


Companies that have a good vacation program, which offer more days than those established by law, retain talent better and their employees perform better. Vacations are the time that the employee has to devote to activities outside their routine, take a few days to engage in recreational activities or even just to rest helps people have a better balance and therefore better performance at return to their jobs.

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