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Category: Cryptocurrencies

Do you know where they accept bitcoin? These portals will indicate the nearest stores

If you want to spend your bitcoin and do not know which stores accept this payment method, there are five portals that can help you get a place. These applications work as specialized directories in shops that accept BTC, allowing you to locate physical stores or online stores anywhere in…

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Blockchain and tech: A whole new world of innovation

International Business Machines Corporation, known worldwide with the acronym IBM, is one of the most important companies on the planet. The New York-based company, with nearly half a million employees, manufactures and markets computer hardware and software, offers infrastructure services, Internet hosting, and consulting in a wide range of computer-related…

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Do people not know about Bitcoin? A recent comments show exactly that

This video by Naomi Brockwell of ‘normies’ explaining Bitcoin reminds us there’s still a long way to go taking cryptocurrencies to the masses. Let’s be honest. Between wild price swings, sensational hash wars, Ethereum forks, 51% attacks, and bearish regulators, it’s easy to get caught up in the crypto space.…

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Crypto is the future: 10 things you can buy with cryptocurrencies

Björk music, smartphones, trips, exclusive dinners in restaurants of the Condesa, tours through Teotihuacán and even Xbox consoles, are some of the things that you can already pay and give using cryptocurrencies in Mexico through an application. Bitso, a platform for handling digital currencies, launched its application in which users…

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The UK deputy wants to introduce Bitcoin tax payments

Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom, Eddie Hughes, has asked the local authorities to take the initiative and accept Bitcoin payments. The conservative politician also believes that the lack of reliable information is delaying wider adoption. The United Kingdom should take the initiative The comments of MP Hughes, reported…

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Anti-cryptive environmentalists happy that Bitcoin is “becoming worthless”

Some ecologists cheerfully celebrate the current market for cryptographic bears, and say it is a sure sign that bitcoin is “becoming useless” and “will soon cease to exist”. And they have breathless the days that are missing for his disappearance. “Bitcoin is a colossal waste of energy. [and] soon there…

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