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Category: E-commerce

Freight documents: Anachronism of the legislator versus digital business wishes

Oh, sometimes anachronism is really nice. Antique pieces of furniture in playful-flowing Art Nouveau for example. Or the sonic warmth of a record. Incidentally, experts here speak of phase shifts between the channels, which add a pleasant-sounding blur to the stereo image. It is possible to produce this effect artificially,…

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Amazon wants half of its shipments to be carbon-free by 2030

The e-commerce giant Amazon has announced that it has set itself the goal of making half of all its shipments carbon-free by 2030. According to the Seattle company, the so-called “Zero Shipment” project is viable thanks to the improvements that can be made through electric vehicles, aviation bio-fuels, reusable packaging…

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LOGCOOP: logistics network for eSellerspartner

The cooperation Logcoop bundles fulfillment services for e-commerce and an IT solution under the eSellerspartner brand. According to the cooperation, the members of the logistics network Logcoop offer logistics solutions for e-commerce at 20 locations. Through a specially programmed interface, eSellerspartner now links all ERP and shop systems to the…

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Amazon places a big bet to reinforce its logistics network

According to Amazon, it would lead a $ 700 million investment in the US electric pickup truck Rivian Automotive LLC. In the biggest bet of the e-commerce giant on technologies with the potential to reshape the automotive sector. The agreement represents an important endorsement of Rivian’s electric vehicle technology by…

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