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Category: Cloud

Which company will become the best provider of cloud infrastructure services?

At first it was the mainframe, then the PC and now it is the cloud in the form of large distributed systems and storage macro units installed in data centers. Applications in the cloud are unstoppable trend and the sector is in fewer and fewer hands. The large distribution companies…

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Span now has a tax on digital services effecting various startups and fintechs

Four years have passed since the Canon AEDE. At the time that tax on digital media generated much controversy and ended, among other things, with the closure of Google News in Spain. Today, government spokeswoman Isabel Celaá has announced the approval of the ‘Google tax’, a term that was already…

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A company working on highly secured cloud platform

The term “RegTech” a fusion of the terms “Regulatory” and “Technology” has become increasingly established in recent months and is one of the buzzwords of the young year. This refers to the use of technology in connection with the implementation and monitoring of legal regulations. Put simply, Regtech automates regulatory…

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Amazon’s main business is not in electronic commerce, but in its cloud services

Although Amazon is known worldwide for its ecommerce platform, its main business is in its cloud services. Amazon Web Services had a turnover of 7.430 million dollars in the last three months of last year and 25.650 million in the global course. Amazon Web Services CEO, Andy Jassy, anticipated that his…

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Swiss startup eyeing on providing logistics cloud solution

The Swiss start-up Nexiot intends to attack internationally with big-data analyzes and cloud solutions for logistics. They are targeting container on the ship and cargo on rails. In order to monitor and control the processes along the supply chain, sensors and a cloud platform help to analyze large amounts of…

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