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Category: Startups

From investor to entrepreneur: She is the Mexican who is changing the image of the beauty sector

Ana Ramos and Luis Vázquez designed a platform to affiliate beauty professionals, standardize the techniques they use and to request the service of makeup, hair, nails and more from an app. The opinions expressed by Entrepreneur employees are personal. The beauty sector The beauty and personal care industry is one…

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What does it mean that so many startups arrive in Latin America?

Acciona Energía’s startup accelerator program arrives in Chile and Brazil uses Blockchain to trade energy. This week, among the most outstanding news of the Latin American crypto and Blockchain ecosystem, now, Santander bank customers in the subcontinent will be able to send money to the US through the Ripple remittance…

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Latin American startups are taking over the US

The expansion takes place within the framework of the strategic growth proposed by the company, with a view to conquering the industry in Latin America. Transform information CoTalker allows the transformation of information and knowledge into an asset for the company available in real time to any worker through simple…

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European startups that are committed to settling in the region

The commitment to Latin America that travels to European startups has as a common denominator that the region offers an immature ecosystem in many aspects, but that is why it is visualized that “everything is to be done”. “Market in constant growth”. “Opportunities.” “Perspectives to grow”. “Ecosystems in development”. The…

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Meet the startup that brings together the largest network of gyms

Colombia occupies the fourth position in the gymnastics industry that is gaining strength every day in large cities such as Bogotá, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla and the coffee region. This innovative service makes the fitness market more dynamic, being a support for the centers, not only by increasing its operating income,…

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SoftBank revolutionizes Latin American startups through investments

The incursion of SoftBank Group in Latin America, a wave of multi-million dollar agreements linked to a wave of “unicorns” that changed the landscape of startups in the region, is just beginning. The Japanese tech giant still has about $ 4,000 million left in the $ 5,000 million fund that…

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