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Category: Startups

Yotepresto: A collective financing platform that connects borrowers with investors

Yotepresto, a collective financing platform that connects people who need a loan with investors. It has raised resources for 1.8 million dollars from the Variv Capital, Redwood Ventures and Tonk Capital funds. Its goal this year is to place 500 million pesos in new loans and, for this, it will…

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A German Fintech startup becomes the first German mobile only & commission free broker

Who wanted to save in Germany, the fees incurred in trading securities, previously had to invest his money with foreign providers. Because even though this is advertised here, in reality, often only account for the custody costs. Paid for the actual stock trading anyway. But when it comes to three…

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How do two big companies cooperate? Learn from the Amazon and Google case

The two technology giants said that they will begin to allow each other’s video services to appear on their respective streaming devices. YouTube will soon be available on Amazon Fire TV while Amazon Prime Video will appear on Google Chromecast devices and Android TV, the two companies said in a…

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Startup advice from Amazon to you: The keys to its success

The company does not seem to attach much importance to fluctuations in the price of its shares and prioritizes sustained growth strategies over time. Amazon is one of the companies that has prospered in recent years. In fact, since its creation in the mid-1990s its growth has been exponential. In…

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Blockchain startup Harmony working on creating a decentralized protocol

Harmony announced today that it raised USD $ 18 million from a series of investors. This includes Lemniscap VC of Hong Kong, BCA Fund of Australia, UniValues Associates of Singapore and Consensus Capital of Silicon Valley, and others. The co-founder, Nick White, announced to CoinDesk that the sale of tokens…

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Thinking of marketing for startups: Brendan Eich talks about Brave, privacy, financing and regulations

Brendan Eich talks about the brave browser. In addition, it touches other issues such as privacy on the web, how to finance the creators of content and the unequal way in which the sanctions on GPRD are applied. It is an important voice. Eich was the creator of Javascript, one…

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