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Category: Fintech

Ualá bets on fintech expansion with support from Tencent and SoftBank

The Argentine digital bank Ualá is looking to double its size, expand its product range and take advantage of the experience of new investors such as the Chinese technology giant Tencent and the Japanese SoftBank. This was revealed by the founder of the “startup” Pierpaolo Barbieri. Ualá announced this week…

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Want to catch up on what’s hot at FinTech? Come and meet people and computers in Berlin

The Israeli brain conquers Berlin: In two weeks (on December 11 and 12, to be precise), Germany’s capital, the strong economy in Europe, will host two international innovation events led by a group of people and computers: Fintech Junction 2019 – Fourth International Conference on Innovation in Financial Technologies To…

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Financial obstacles inhibit cleantech growth in the UAE

As regional governments become increasingly aware of the social and economic threat posed by climate change, population growth and resource over-consumption, there is growing appreciation that improved energy efficiency, reduced use of non-renewable resources and environmental sustainability can only be achieved by successfully developing and harnessing new environmental technology –…

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Argentina’s fintech startups make their way to Europe

Juan José Piano, deputy general manager of Banco Piano, started the exhibition minimizing the supposed tension between traditional and digital banking. “Many times there is talk of confrontation and a very large competition or rivalry is seen, but with the fund where we participate with other banks we execute the…

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Ebury: The new fintech purchase bets on going public in the medium term

It is the biggest purchase of a fintech startup to date. And one of the big bets in this sector after years of investments in international companies. Santander has put on the table just over 400 million euros to get 50.1% of the Spanish platform specialized in currency exchange Ebury.…

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This Fintech partners with Beriblock to offer signature and document protection services in Blockchain

Colombia Fintech, one of the trade associations that exists in Colombia for companies engaged in the technology sector, has partnered with Beriblock Inc, a company that has developed a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that allows registration digital of any type of electronic document. A great alliance Thanks to this alliance, all…

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