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Category: Technology

Europe’s technology companies are writing a letter to the European Parliament

In particular, Articles 11 and 13 of the new Copyright Directive harm the startup ecosystem in the EU, according to the signatories to the open letter. On 26 or 27 March, the European Parliament will vote on the reform of copyright. In any case, the current version also contains controversial…

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Innovative technologies are revolutionizing dialogue marketing

The term KI basically refers to automation through intelligent, adaptive software. It not only makes it possible to carry out specified processes over and over again but also to further develop one’s own abilities. AI encounters us in everyday life amazingly often, usually without us noticing. For example, in the…

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This startup wants to show how organic farmers and Blockchain fit together

Since its launch in March 2018, the digital farmer’s market has been giving market its first signal that the platform works. Those who want to order regional food directly from the organic farmers will find on the website of Käferbohnen about game meat to Marmorguglhupf much that Austrian producers deliver…

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Silicon Valley funds are received ​by startups

Jalisco companies that offer technological solutions are targeted by Silicon Valley investment funds. The big exchanges that previously only invested in the United States, now turn to Latin America, especially to Guadalajara, said Jolynn Vallejo, director of LatinSF, a public-private initiative that connects Latin America with San Francisco, California to…

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