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Category: Ad Tech

Startups + marketing: What is Fluency Ad Tech Platform?

Fluency’s clients are industry-focused digital advertising and marketing agencies that service small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in vertical markets. To date, these digital marketing agencies have had to choose between investing in an expansive in-house team to build and manage a proprietary platform, or partnering with a platform provider that…

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Avoid your company from being under pressure: All about the Sizmek bankruptcy case

Sizmek, the US-based ad tech company, has filed for voluntary bankruptcy in an effort to tame its “over-leveraged balance sheet”, a situation that reflects the increasingly tough market in which ad tech firms compete. What about the balance sheet? On Friday evening, the independent company issued a press release ,…

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A new startup simulates phishing attacks to prepare for better cyber security

One of the many startups in Cologne that want to go up with the support of the Gründerstipendium. NRW is SafeGuardOne or SoSafe. The Cologne startup “tests, sensitizes and trains employees in the correct handling of cyber attacks”. In the self-description of the young company states: “Our goal: To prepare…

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Business people are impressed by startups and millennials as “they change the business world”

In the business world, five years is a lifetime, but in the technology sector, five years is an eternity. The Busconomic banking product comparator has managed not only to resist a five-year period as a company but also to gain a foothold in a sector with such difficult competition as…

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State University Future: School wants to issue university degrees on Blockchain

The University of Bahrain will be issuing diplomas on Blockchain, According to the report, the university will use the open-standard Blockcert solution in collaboration with Learning Machine – a startup that provides a system for issuing verifiable official records in a blockchain-anchored format. The development team of Blockcerts explains: “Blockcerts…

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Booking Business Trips are Finally Easier with this new Startup Technology

Business travel finally easy to book and manage! That promises the Berlin startup Comtravo. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the platform simplifies the booking, management and billing of business travel. Entrepreneurs, team assistants or secretaries can book a complete business trip with just one text message using innovative technology. And this…

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