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Month: October 2019

Google’s trick to protect your chats from prying eyes in the office

Now Google has a trick so you can chat on WhatsApp Web without worrying about other people’s sights. These are the simple steps to follow. The most used app in the world Without a doubt, WhatsApp is the most used and downloaded application in the world. This instant messaging platform…

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5 banks that do not charge you commissions even if you do not domicile a payroll

Entering a payroll every month is one of our best weapons to negotiate the conditions of a checking account with the bank. Many entities undertake to eliminate the costs associated with the operation of their accounts and their cards if the client domiciles their assets in the entity. But what…

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Do we have the right to let Google forget our most sensitive and protected data? Well it depends

This week two sentences have been published on the Right to Forgetfulness that puts Google back in the spotlight. But what is the Right to Oblivion and at what point are we? Today I will talk about the famous judgment of Google Spain and Case C-136/17 GC and others against…

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Argentine blockchain company of smart contracts acquires social network platform Taringa!

The company IOVLabs, creator of the RSK smart contract platform today announced the acquisition of Taringa!, known Spanish-speaking social network. Currently, the social platform has more than 1,000 active online communities and around 30 million registered users. IOVLabs is dedicated to developing financial solutions from the Blockchain platform of RSK…

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Google announces the “largest renewable energy investment in history”

In a climate of protests due to the neglect of large companies for the environment, both Amazon and Google have announced measures against climate change. Google has decided to go through adopting renewable energy as a flag, but in a much more aggressive way. Last Thursday Sundar Pichai, CEO of…

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Fintech Mexico Law: In search of new markets, the United Kingdom looks to Mexico

The new regulatory framework of the Mexican fintech industry is generating noise. Other Latin American countries follow its implementation closely, looking for clues for their development at home, while local enterprises are quick to comply with the regulations that will come into force in the coming days. And for potential…

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