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Month: April 2021

Is There Any Free Text To Speech For Converting Text to SoundCloud

Many people find the Woord’s text-to-speech applications are extremely helpful in converting text to audio on the machine for people of all ages. Listening to texts read aloud with a natural voice is a relatively recent technology that is still evolving. For many people, hearing the errors through Woord is…

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What Is The Cheapest Ordering Sofware To Work With As An Independent Chef?

As online ordering becomes more normal, so does the need for independent chefs to create technology that enable customers to search their menus, pick items, and pay for carryout or delivery orders virtually. At the same time, we live in a society that, more than ever, needs connectivity, which is…

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Is There Any Free API To Get Metal Rates In New Zealand Dollar?

Looking for a Free API to get the current metal price of Metals in the New Zealand Dollar? Or What is a free API for getting the historical metal New Zealand Dollar? We have the answer: is a simple and lightweight API for current and historical precious metals…

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