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Month: September 2022

How To Integrate A Gender Identification API Into Your Website

To ensure the success of your business operations, it is essential to use distinct marketing strategies when targeting men and women. Numerous investigations on the fundamental gender disparities have been conducted in the last several years. Therefore, marketers look for the best approach that will work for both men and…

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Guess Your User’s Gender Through This API In 2023

Do you want to try an API that could easily guess your users’ gender? You should try this one! Gender is one of the many significant aspects that influence consumer behavior and marketing from a marketing perspective. Being gender neutral in marketing communications can be a significant mistake since modern…

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Manage Your APIs And Monetize Them Without Problems With This Marketplace

Are you having problems to monetize your APIs? Good news! In this article we explain how you can manage them using a Marketplace in an easy and reliable way. Keep reading for more! With the growing popularity of cloud computing, the market is flooded with cloud service offerings. According to…

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