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Month: November 2022

Easily Explaining How Sentiment Analysis APIs Work And Its Benefits

The automated evaluation of user comments serves as the foundation for the sentiment analysis, which identifies whether a text was written with positive or negative intent. To achieve this, text mining, or automatic language analysis of naturally written texts, is used. First of all, natural language does not consist of…

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Is It Possible To Summarize Multiple Texts Using Just An API?

Are you looking to quickly summarize your texts? Using an AI-based application will make you forget about thinking of it. These tools for cutting and resuming writing have functions including paraphrasing, synthesizing, or finding key words. Sometimes, resuming texts might seem like a difficult task to certain people for a…

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How Does The Traffic Overview API Work In 2023

Real-time analytics can be beneficial to many companies across a wide range of industries. For the financial industry, real-time analytics can instantly analyze Big Data to make important business decisions. Besides, for business websites, developers can use real-time analytics to receive notifications when page load performance falls below established standards.…

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Try This API To Know The Pages That Have The Highest Bounce Rate

The majority of business intelligence and analytics data is examined every month, every week, or every day. Organizations must examine and act on data in real-time as it is being generated quickly. Businesses will need to react swiftly to frequent changes in order to seize possibilities that arise at the…

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Get Traffic Stats In Real Time Through This API

Real-time analytics essentially means that data is provided for analysis almost immediately after it is collected. Users can view, analyze, and understand data from a system in real-time. In addition, real-time analytics provide information to make decisions in real-time. This allows organizations to draw insights from the data and react…

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