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3 APIs To Get Technology Data From Any Domain In 2023

If you’re looking for 3 great APIs to get technology data from any domain lucky you! We’ll go over some of the best!

Let’s Talk About Technology

Nowadays, there are many ways to getting information from any domain. For example, many companies want to know which technologies used your competitors to build their websites. We recommend to use an API because it is one of the most effective technology and you will get the results in real-time and you don’t need to invest a lot of money.

This business strategy has been essential for businesses to grow and analyze their competitors, both of which are extremely difficult to achieve through more conventional means. One of the main reasons that have supported its growth is the fact that it does not require large infrastructure and is not constrained by factors like time, space, or logistics.

Clearly, the development of APIs are a great representation of the power of the Internet. After all, we’re talking about APIs where you can use in real-time and get accurate results. Hence, developers do not have to develop from scratch . As a consequence, this type of technology put a lot of focus and importance into the execution and performance of their websites.


Evidently, all of this takes time, investigation, and analysis. For example, to know about the best type of APIs are the best according to your needs. Well, companies may get this information from any domain. All it takes is a powerful introduction to technology APIs.

What Are Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)?

There exist a number of APIs with different characteristics and features. But they all share the same goal which is the extraction of data from one place and the provision of data to another. This is so companies, programs, and computers receive data that will help them grow and execute the best. 

When the goal is to get and know about the technologies from eCommerce. The best option is to use an API that has the ability to get this type of data from just a domain. This way, accessing information from any domain will be easy and without any kind of trouble. 

Three Best APIs: 


Get Tech From Website API: 

The Get Tech From Website API is a no-brainer for companies that are looking to access information in detail and metadata from eCommerce. This API has the power to analyze the background of all kinds of websites with just simple pieces of information like a domain. 

As a consequence, with the Get Tech From Website API, businesses will be able to know deeper insights into other companies and rivals. For example, the estimated revenue of eCommerce, if it has HTTPS, and way more. 



If you want to keep your options open, Wappalyzer is another great option. This application programming interface identifies the eCommerce technical stack. Plus, it provides clever tools for market research, rival analysis, and lead generation.


Technology Lookup API From Deep Info

Finally, let’s end the list with a positive note. With the Technology Lookup API from Deep info; companies will be able to recognize the technologies from the eCommerce, the categories that surround it, and more. 

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