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3 Cheap Object Classification APIs For Small Companies

Do you own a small company and are looking for a tool that would allow you to categorize your images and the objects within them? Good news! In this post we’ll provide you with a collection of 3 cheap options for doing that job in the fastest way possible!

Depending on the objects or people in the image, the image and object categorization APIs automatically add the necessary categories after scanning the image. To make it simpler to find the image you need later, some software lets you add new categories for components like colors or moods.

Object detection can be useful in a wide range of domains, including:

-Customer Behavior in Retail: One can keep track of and count the persons currently present in the store.

-Agriculture: Findings about Wheat Rust. An object detection engine analyzes this data so that the farmer can use it to quickly respond to possible trouble areas and efficiently allocate resources.

-Healthcare: specialized object detection engines for spotting illnesses and medical equipment

-Car detection and license plate recognition in the automotive industry

-Human Pose: Estimation in Fitness

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Images can be categorized into a wide range of categories using the simple-to-use Clapicks image classification API. Images of people, objects, scenes, and other things can all be categorized using this API. Using Clapicks will enable you to manage a large number of photographs fast and effectively, as well as automatically classifying images into predetermined categories.

A complete list of the things that Clapicks can classify inside the image will be returned simply by adding an Image URL. The object recognition of the image will be better when the confidence score, which ranges from 0 to 1, is close to 1. This API also contains a label function, which will tell you what the thing on the image is called, such as “Red Car” or “Golden Retriever dog”

Ximilar API

To identify objects (bounding boxes) on an image, the Ximilar Custom Object Detection service offers a trainable custom detection API. You can use it to include cutting-edge artificial intelligence into your project.

They offer a user interface for straightforward job setup, account management, image uploading, training new models, and outcome evaluation. Following a simple setup, you receive results through API and are prepared to incorporate this capability into your application. It is simple, quick, and incredibly scalable.

Find all you need to know about it here


The pre-trained models from Clarifai’s suite can be used to recognize tens of thousands of concepts in your media, including logos, clothing, people, vehicles, weapons, uniforms, and hate symbols. Additionally, pinpoint your precise location throughout the scene.

This tool makes it simple to separate imagery’s foreground from background, including highways, walls, floors, and more. Imagery is categorized as safe or harmful using Clarifai’s content moderation methods. To address your particular business use case, you can create your own models. Simply identify the things or persons you wish to recognize and provide example training data.

Find more about it here

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