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3 Email Verification APIs To Increase Your Lead Quality

How can you know if the email IDs are legitimate? How can I recognize and remove spam? Are these e-mail addresses still valid? All of these inquiries pop up frequently in the world of digital marketing, but fortunately, we have the answer in this article thanks to the fantastic Email Validation APIs.

Digital marketing is a great way to connect with customers who make online purchases. Purchase strategies and actions to increase the value of your brand, establish your online authority and effectively promote your goods and services. However, anyone who has spent time running a website or an online business is aware of the significance of electronic mail. Last but not least, this is currently one of the core tenets of digital marketing.

Even while email marketing frequently ranks among the most effective strategies, it can be very difficult for it to work out in the end. Why then? Well, one issue that electronic mail vendors face when using large mailing lists is the inability to distinguish between emails that are legitimate and spam, for example. And once these are identified, it becomes a tedious task to go through them one by one.

3 Email Verification APIs To Increase Your Lead Quality

Good thing this has come to an end because large-scale APIs for electronic mail verification and validation have been developed to help deal with this issue. They are integrated into their platform and automatically check all email addresses for spam, grammatical errors, false email address identifications, etc.

E-Mail Verification and Temp Emails Detector API

3 Email Verification APIs To Increase Your Lead Quality

With the help of this email validator API, one can determine whether an email address is valid or not, as well as whether it is a temporary or unusable account. If only using the E-Mail Verifier and Temp Emails Detector API.
The “block” parameter will be false if the address is valid but does not correspond to a temporary email account. If anything, it will be true.

With just the email address, you can quickly and easily determine whether the address is valid and whether the account is permanent or temporary. Through the use of this API, a filter will be added to their contact and access forms. By doing this, you can ensure that only valid email addresses can contact you about your products and services.

Abstract Verification API

3 Email Verification APIs To Increase Your Lead Quality

Another recommended API for checking and validating electronic mail messages chosen by companies and online businesses is the Abstract API. Among the features offered is the ability to verify MX registrations, confirm compliance with GDPR and CCPA, and test the functionality of each electronic mail address.

Additionally, because it accepts all programming languages like the previous one, it can be easily integrated. It also assists with spam registrations, remote detection, separating personal from business email IDs, and many other tasks. You could attempt the test with 500 emails.

SendGrid Validation API

3 Email Verification APIs To Increase Your Lead Quality

Last but not least, this API makes use of automatic learning to verify email addresses. Additionally, it accurately identifies all inactive electronic mail addresses. Additionally, you may see how your electronic mail appears in various boxes and get risk ratings for all of your electronic mail addresses.

SendGrid’s API for validation makes use of advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence. Despite all of these advanced features and configurations, it still proves to be quite simple to use and simple to incorporate into your business.


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