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3 Low Cost APIs For Identifying Phishy Domains In Real-time

Are you aware of the incredible APIs you can find available online for identifying phishing domains in real-time? Here we’ll show you the best 3 low cost APIs and tell you all you need to know about them.

Phishing is a type of cyber-attack in which victims are tricked into disclosing personal information. In most cases, the attacker will send an email that appears to be from a reputable source, such as a bank or an online retailer. The email will frequently include a link that will redirect the victim to a fraudulent website that appears to be identical to the real one. After that, the victim is asked to provide sensitive information such as a credit card number or social security number. The attacker then uses this information to commit fraud or identity theft.

safer with an IP security API

Because we know this type of attacks can be a big problem for your business, here we recommend you three options of APIs to combat phishing and keep you safe from spam.

Phish Scanner API

This API can be used by cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts to improve domain monitoring and anti-phishing operations, as well as to develop new OSINT security solutions. The API assigns a Phish Score to any URL submission and returns a detailed feature set that customers can use to build informative dashboards or intelligent applications based on the features of each Phish.

Every registered developer receives a personal API access key, which is a string of letters and digits that allows them to access the API endpoint. Include your bearer token in the Authorization header to use the Phish Scanner API REST API. The Phish Scanner API is designed to be simple and easy to use. It is unquestionably a quick and efficient method for scanning and identifying phishing emails, and it provides users with a report that summarizes the scan results.

URL Reputation API by APIVOID

You can detect potentially phishing and malicious URLs using this URL Reputation API. To detect potentially malicious URLs, this API thoroughly analyzes the URL (including the URL content, URL pattern, domain name, HTTP headers, domain TLD, and so on) using thousands of smart internal rules.

It is useful for blocking suspicious URLs sent via email or for obtaining detailed threat information about a URL. This API is ideal for determining the safety reputation of a URL. If you need to know whether a URL is potentially malicious or phishing, or if you want to know the risk score of a URL, this API can help.

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CyberFish API

This API combines artificial intelligence and computer vision to detect phishing URLs in real time. It detects phishing pages in real time, without the need for blacklists or human intervention.

It gives you your own dashboard with aggregated and detailed statistics, and it’s a simple, secure, and restful API that can be deployed to any application. With this API, you can quickly and consistently protect your brand from phishing.

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