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3 Open And Commercial Link Shortener APIs Available Online In 2023

Do you know that you can use a URL shortener for commercial reasons? If you have a company and need to improve your sales, just read this post and find out this cut URLs API!      

In 2002, the very first URL shortener was developed to reduce URLs for the well-known networking site, Twitter. The link shortener became a widely acknowledged tool for a number of commercial efforts as the world got increasingly technologically oriented.

Ever since, the growth of URL shorteners has paralleled the evolution of the Web, and thousands of URL shortening services have emerged. Almost all of them offer the very same capabilities (such as analytics) and are just duplicates of the same product, but a handful stand out.

A URL shortener is a simple program that converts a lengthy URL into any URL you want it to be. A customized, or personalized, URL shortener is one in which you’ve linked your own custom domain to a URL shortener, which serves as the foundation for all the subtle highlights you make. One can use your own website as opposed to a common one.

As we already know, links have been the method to travel from one site to the next on the web since its inception. Consider this: you can look for something and then click a link, or you type a URL straight into the browser window. There is no other option about. That´s why we bring you these three options for cut URLs API that will help you out with a commercial reason:

URL Shortener API

URL Shortener API is a technology that shortens URLs. To begin using it, paste the URL you wish to shorten and slice into the program. URL Shortener API is a software product that can be downloaded from the Zyla Labs Marketplace.

The URL Shortener API is user-friendly platform and it´s perfect for people who need to shorten a large number of URLs. Receive operational URLs that will last a century! As a result, you are allowed to retain them and utilize them in future construction projects. URL Shortener API offers a range of options, including an acessible plan that is available to everyone.


Short URLs may be created using Rebrandly by using an unique domain name. Even without technical skills, you can register a domain name straight with Rebrandly and begin reducing all of your connections in minutes. It’s currently the most popular solution for software developers that want to use short URLs with their own domain. Listen out this brief video to learn more about the distinctions between short links and links featuring your domains.


This contains a short collection of PHP programs that will enable you to start your own URL shortening service. It must be set up on your server. Yourls is taken in consideration to be made for programmers, so it´s quite complex to manage and not scalable unless you have a committed group of developers working on this venture as well as a large number of computers.

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