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3 Reasons Why Companies Should Use An API For Object Classification

Do you doubt about the many use cases of an object classification API? Then you may need to read this post because if you own a company, here you’ll find 3 important reasons on why you should use an API like this! So don’t miss anything!

Back in 2014, the ability to perform basic image classification was considered near science fiction to the average developer. Eight years later, not only can we tell whether a picture is of a bird, but we can also tell you the bird’s species, where in the picture the bird is, and track in real time the bird’s migration patterns.

The environment of computer vision, however, has transformed as a result of recent advancements. Using an API has recently become as simple as many scenarios that were formerly thought to be only imaginable in science fiction and APIs for object classification have become really useful.

a qeb categorization API

We can recognize and find items in an image or video using the computer vision approach known as object detection. Using this form of identification and localization, object detection can be used to count the items in a scene, identify and localize them, and label them appropriately.

With the aid of machine learning algorithms, these technologies classify images of people, objects, or scenes. They are also very beneficial for security-related applications. They can be quite helpful for correctly classifying and identifying items in pictures.

These are 3 important reasons why companies should use an Object Classification API:

-To automatically label images: by using a machine learning algorithm to identify and classify objects within the image. This can be done by training the API on a dataset of labeled images, or by using pre-trained models that have already been trained on large datasets.

 -To improve the accuracy of image classification models: these APIs usually provide a confidence score for each classification prediction. This can be used to weight the predictions of the image classification models, and can help to improve the overall accuracy.

-To reduce the amount of time needed to label images: by automatically identifying and labeling objects in the images, this can save a lot of time and effort, especially for large numbers of images.


A simple and effective tool for categorizing images into different categories is the Clapicks image classification API. This API allows you to categorize photographs of people, objects, scenes, and other things. The capacity to automatically group images into predetermined categories and the advantage of handling a big number of images fast and effectively are just a couple of the advantages that Clapicks will provide for you.

Any object that Clapicks can categorize within a picture will be listed in full just by supplying the image URL. The image’s ability to identify objects will perform better when the confidence score—which ranges from 0 to 1—is near to 1. Additionally, this API offers a label method that will call out specific items in photographs by name, like “black rose” or “Persian cat.” Try Clapicks to see its benefits!

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