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3 Reasons Why You Should Use An API For Domain Reputation And Children Safety

Are you wondering what is content safety and why it is important? Then, read to the end because here we will share with you 3 reasons why you should use an API for domain reputation and children safety!

Domain reputation is a much talked about concept that every business manager should be aware of. It refers to the health of a site, the level of trust it implies for a visitor and for Google search engines. 

It is often related to children safety content, as it implies a parameter to measure whether the content of a site is appropriate or not, whether it is safe or not. That is why domain reputation and children safety APIs are being used more and more by companies looking to protect their appearance, the health of their domain and also their internal networks from cyber-attacks, fraud or information theft.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use An API For Domain Reputation And Children Safety

There are many reasons why you should start using one of these APIs. Here, we will mention the 3 main ones. 

1) They allow you to know the confidence score of your site or any other URL. This is fundamental, since those that receive a high percentage mean higher security, while those that get a lower percentage are dangerous. Your site should not be associated with URLs with a low confidence score. 

2) They also provide a domain reputation score, which is essential to know if your site can be promoted by Google search engines and receive ads or not. 

3) These APIs also provide a list of the categories a site is associated with. This way, you will know how your site is read by search engines, and if the pages it is related to are the right ones according to the industry your company belongs to.

Finally, we will mention that they employ cutting-edge techniques to accomplish this. The results of a reverse IP lookup are evaluated in addition to a domain’s WHOIS information, name server setups, IP address infrastructure, SSL connections made by the target domain, SSL certificates, DNX MX record setup, associated mail server settings, and SSL certificates.

Despite all this may sound difficult and hard to understand, you can absolutely rely on an API to make this work for you. There are quite a few on the market, but we have found the one that we consider to be the most accurate in 2022. 

What Is The Most Accurate Domain Safety API Available?

3 Reasons Why You Should Use An API For Domain Reputation And Children Safety

Because of this, we will advise using the Children Safety And Domain Reputation API, which can be found on the Zyla API Hub, to check the security status of any website and protect your business network in 2022.

You can rapidly ascertain whether a website is secure and safe by using a search engine. However, you might be able to avoid frauds and improper websites with the use of this API. Therefore, it is strongly advised to use this API to enhance security generally, but notably to enhance visitor security on your website.

It will be possible to recover the safety status, which in a secure domain indicates “safe,” the confidence level, which runs from 1 to 100, and the kid safety level, which also ranges from 1 to 100. In order to help you rapidly identify whether URLs contain explicit or unlawful information, you will also be provided a confidence score and a list of categories.

How To Use This

The Domain Reputation and Child Safety API is the fastest and simplest to use. To get to know the domain confidence score of any site, you just need a few seconds. In the section below, we’ll demonstrate how to assess the security of any domain using this software.

  1. Choose the Domain Reputation and Children Safety API from the Zyla API Hub.
  2. Create an API Key and verify your human status.
  3. Enter the URL being investigated and analyzed.
  4. Analyze the results to determine which domains need to be blocked.

We have already told you how to erase your security vulnerabilities with the best confidence score API available in 2022. Start using it in your company and enhance your security!

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