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3 Reliable Phone Number Validation API For Your Next Product (2023)

Are you looking for a reliable phone number validation API for your next product in 2023? If so, you are in luck! Here are three of the best APIs for you to use!

As you ay be aware, phone number validation is the process of confirming a phone number is active and hasn’t been disconnected. With the competitive market today; any marketer or business owner must carry out this verification because it saves them time and money. Why? Well, if a marketing department used a small percentage of inactive or invalid phone numbers in its database to place calls or send SMS messages; imagine the amount of money it would lose.

Luckily, there are many ways to leverage application programming interfaces (APIs) to get accurate and trustworthy data in the modern world. That is why many companies choose to use phone number validation APIs; in order to validate their contact database and avoid wasting time and resources in inactive phone numbers.

Which Phone Number Validation APIs Are Best In 2023 For Boosting Projects?

Today, a wide variety of APIs are accessible online. However, not all of these are trustworthy, economical, or even secure to use. This is because it’s possible that they come from questionable API providers.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a phone number validation API that is accurate; and reliable as well as simple to integrate into your projects; your are in luck! We suggest utilizing one of these three APIs!

Phone Number Validator API

The reliable Zyla API Hub offers a useful utility called Phone Number Validator API. You can access both this trustworthy API; and others offered at Zyla API Hub by just enrolling at this API marketplace. Phone Number Validator API uses cutting-edge technologies to swiftly identify which numbers in your database are valid and which are not. That is why many companies and developers are already choosing to use this great API.

Furthermore, with the help of Phone Number Validator API; you will have access to precise information regarding the phone number; such its location, whether it is local or international, the carrier business, the sort of phone number, and more. And what’s more, you’ll receive all of this precise information in a matter of seconds!


An international phone number validation API called NumlookupAPI enables you to automate the number verification procedure. This is achievable since the API gathers data from numerous trustworthy data suppliers and global carriers.

This tool shows performance parameters like the total number of requests; the success rate, the average latency, the number of requests still to be processed; and more right out of the box.

Also, this API provides a starting plan with 100 API calls each month to assist you in maintaining a client database; that has no errors; filled with high-quality leads, and no-fraud. Additionally, NumlookupAPI makes use of the JSON format for simple project integration.

Loqate API

Another dependable API for phone number validation is Loqate; which can be used to check both new and old phone numbers. Utilizing cutting-edge technology; this API makes sure that all SMS and voice calls only get to genuine numbers by properly segregating the data.

By using Loqate Phone Validation API is possible to schedule the validation operation to be completed at a certain moment, such as during signup; just before SMS delivery, or whenever you decide to purge. Additionally, this tool is incredibly adaptable and can be used with websites, mobile apps, and CRMs because it employs several programming languages for simple integration.

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