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3 Vehicle APIs To Detect Vehicle Damage For Saas Companies

SaaS companies are growing as never before. The competitors are more and more interested in offering better and stronger services. So, being able to include an API into your developed enterprise is a task that should be taken. 

Usually, this situation is achieved by real people visiting the vehicles damaged, evaluating, taking notes, and more… So, it is a long process where customers are losing value over time. It also represents a financial loss, too. 

The review and assessment phases of any approach are laborious, time-consuming, and require a sizable staff. As everyone is aware, situations involving completely shattered cars can range from discovering unanticipated damage. You might not see your car for a few days. Damage detector APIs nowadays are alleviating such misery. This procedure is being improved, and it is being improved more rapidly and simply than previously. 

So, in this situation, introducing an API able to make the work easier, simpler, faster, and more effective is a chance that everybody should take immediately. Just downloading the service onto customers’ mobile devices is the first step to beginning this simple process. After that, the user needs to take photos and videos of the damage, and the information is going to be sent to specific companies. Simple! Isn’t it? 

The API can identify specific automobile components, small quantities of paint missing, and significant accident locations. No matter what kind or brand of car you drive, it doesn’t matter. The API is capable of locating and validating problems with your vehicle, making subsequent steps easier. 

The technology automates data processing, resulting in lower labour expenses for the company, an 80% or more decrease in form fraud, and occasionally faster image data analysis. The programme controls user behaviour locally to conform to the requirements of the desired picture. Machine learning algorithms and analytical tools are used by companies that identify vehicle damage to replace the time-consuming, manually handled claims processing and approval processes. 

The system for detecting automotive damage links a variety of computer vision-based algorithms together through an API. Deep learning is used in the algorithms to quickly identify a car’s body and determine the degree of damage. The utilisation of parallel machine learning and assessment algorithms allows for the speedy completion of analyses. 

Modern AI algorithms for auto component identification, background removal, and damage detection are designed to provide customers with findings that are incredibly accurate in the shortest period of time. Look at the description, then start putting it to use right now. If the standard of your offerings increases, you will advance. 

1-Vehicle Damage Detector API 

Vehicle Damage Detector API is a professional supplier of IT services that enable businesses to increase operational effectiveness and shorten the time to market for cutting-edge products. By utilising the power of cloud automation, microservices, and industry knowledge, customers may gain a sustainable competitive advantage. One can detect the type and level of damage to a vehicle by knowing how to assess and find the damage. Furthermore, it encourages cooperation and transparency in pricing and repair procedures. 

Each registered developer is given a one-of-a-kind API access key, which is a combination of letters and digits that allows them to access an API endpoint. The authorization header in the Vehicle Damage Detector must contain your user token. 

2- Ravin

Vehicle inspections are changing thanks to market-leading AI auto damage detection from Ravin AI. Car inspections are becoming quicker, more standard across remarketing, fleets, and insurance, and relatively affordable thanks to Ravin‘s ground-breaking computer vision and machine learning technologies.

Users may get real-time information on the state of their vehicles as well as more in-depth analysis and calculations, such as maintenance expenses, thanks to Ravin‘s combined Mobile AI and Cloud AI. Any smartphone may utilise Ravin‘s mobile Inspect software without having to download anything, and Ravin‘s stationary Autoscan device can be installed in locations where customers want a higher throughput and less human interactions.

3-Vehicle Damage Evaluation 

The Car Damage Assessment API was capable of spotting typical exterior vehicle damage. You only need to provide the API with a photo in the right format, and it will reply to your customer with the identified damages, their locations, damage categories, and damaged vehicle parts.

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