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A Forex Rates API to Compare Currency Strength

Are you looking for a forex rates API to compare currency strength? Then you are at the right place!

Trading currencies is one of the simplest ways to make money online, but it can be complicated. You have to be able to compare the strength of different currencies if you’re going to buy internationally. This can be as simple as finding out how much it would cost you to buy and sell a particular currency in your local currency, or it can be as complex as comparing values in multiple currencies across various exchanges sites. Luckily for you, there are tools that can help you with this. We are talking about a forex rates API.

A Forex Rates API to Compare Currency Strength

What is a Forex Rates API?

A forex rates API is an application programming interface that lets you access the data and services of a third party that provides currency exchange rates.

There are dozens of foreign exchange APIs out there. From the basic currency strength and price data in the US Dollar, to the more advanced systems that include order book, trading history and more. There is probably a tool for whatever you’re looking for, but this post will focus on one that works with more than 29.000 currency pairs; and is very accurate and affordable.

Compare Currency Strength with Exchangr API

Exchangr is a forex rates API that provides precise and dependable data on currency conversions and foreign exchange rates. Due to its JSON format, this API’s forex system collects data from several reputable sources. Hence, it provides information on more than 170 different international currencies, including some cryptocurrencies!

We tipically think about the US Dollar or the Euro when we think of currency strength, yet nowadays there are more than 150 currencies in the globe! That’s a lot of information that is constantly changing, and also hard to keep up with! Fortunately, Exchangr API can assist you in swiftly obtaining precise information on them. With this tool at your disposal, you can access real-time data, plus historical data on over 170 world currencies!

A Forex Rates API to Compare Currency Strength

Is Exchangr expensive?

Not at all! On the contrary, it is super affordable. You can either use it for free, or pay a monthly fee of merely $10 for highly advanced API access and privileges. You can check out it’s pricing by going here.

Now, if the Free Plan caught your attention, let’s review the steps on how to use it:

  1. Sign up for an account and obtain your API key here. This will take you 2 minutes and you won’t need your credit card details!
  2. Select the currencies (or cryptocurrencies) you want to get rates or convert.
  3. The last step is make the API request. You can do this by following the Documentation supplied by this API here.
  4. Wait for the information that Exchangr will provide you.

And that’s it! Without wasting money and time, you will have all the data that you are looking for at the tip of your fingers! Start obtaining forex rates with this amazing API!

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