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A Good Summary Of Your Annual Carbon Footprint Will Be Given By This API

What is the real impact on people and society of excess emissions and carbon footprint? The consequences in the not-so-distant future could be enormous, and in some places catastrophic, unless there is a drastic reduction in the decade we have started this year. Fortunately, technology has provided multiple ways to address this issue such as the Carbon Calculator APIs. Read this article to learn more. 

How Did Greenhouse Gases Increase And Why Is It Worrying?

Carbon is a chemical element, like oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, or sulfur. It is the fourth most abundant element in the universe and on Earth, it is basic to life; humans are 18% carbon. It is also essential when mixed with oxygen and converted into carbon dioxide (CO2): humans exhale it when breathing, and plants need it for photosynthesis. The CO2 cycle has worked for thousands of years within a certain natural balance.

This is the greenhouse effect and it is essential for life because otherwise, the planet would be too cold. The main greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (N2O), and methane (CH4).  The problem is that the natural balance that has existed for thousands of years has been broken when, to the natural sources of carbon dioxide (respiration of living beings, organic decomposition, forest fires, volcanic eruptions…), man has been adding more and more sources by burning fossil fuels for the development of his economy. This, in turn, is what increases emissions that end up causing unprecedented increases in temperatures.

Due to human action, production systems, and energy consumption since the Industrial Revolution, the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere is steadily increasing. And the higher the concentration of CO2, the more heat is trapped within the Earth’s atmosphere. The biggest driver of global warming is CO2 and it is mainly linked to the burning of fossil fuels: coal, oil, and gas.

How To Reduce The Carbon Footprint?

If society does not reduce its CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, scientific reports predict multiple risks and impacts. For example, supply problems due to the collapse of harvests, reduction of drinking water (for the first time in history it is traded on the futures market as if it were gold or wheat), rising sea levels, extinction of species, the disappearance of entire ecosystems (especially the most fragile such as coral reefs), increased droughts, hurricanes or typhoons, mass migrations due to climate and associated geopolitical causes? 

In this context, reducing gas emissions is a challenge that will take time and will be done in stages. There are no magic recipes, only perseverance. Carbon dioxide has coexisted with human civilization for thousands of years. During all this time, the earth’s energy balance has been balanced, and the mechanisms of CO2 capture via photosynthesis and the respiration processes of living beings have maintained this harmony. But the balance has been lost.

Thanks to the global climate movement, companies are now being encouraged to change the way they produce. This is why they are relying on technological innovations to provide accurate information on gas emissions. In this sense, Carbon Calculator APIs have become very important, and are already used in the work platforms of many companies worldwide. Among them, CarbonAPI caught our attention for the reliability of its information. 

Why Use CarbonAPI?

Clearly, CarbonAPI is your best ally if you are looking to make a change and generate less environmental impact. By integrating this API into your platform, it will be incredibly easy to obtain accurate data on the gas emissions of each area of your company. With the help of this information, you can generate reports and graphs to help you plan green policies. By having a permanent measurement of the indexes you will also be able to follow the impact of these policies. 

You will find it very easy to work with this tool. Fits like a glove in any digital platform thanks to its simple interface and its compatibility with most programming languages. In this way, you can show the world the results and changes in your carbon footprint by integrating the API into a website. It is vital to involve the different sectors of the economy in the commitment to the environment and CarbonAPI is the first step!

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