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A quick and easy access to cryptography

Binance, one of the highest trading volume exchange, announced today that it will grant its users the option to pay their BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP cryptocurrencies with debit and credit cards in a 100% secure way. It has become possible due to an alliance made with Simplex. The use of debit and credit cards allows new users to enter this market in a simpler way, which facilitates the adoption and accessibility of cryptocurrencies, and this new digital economy.

In the published press release Biance CEO Changpeng Zhao comments, “We want to provide Binance merchants with quick and easy access to cryptography, in the safest way possible. Partnering with Simplex allows us to instantly close the gap between credit card payments and cryptography for merchants to world level. At, you can now buy cryptography with credit cards and start trading in minutes. ”

Among the benefits exposed by binance when using debit and credit cards are:

The Quickness: By having an average of 10-30 minutes for the cryptocurrency to reach your wallet.

Low rates: Only 3.5% per transaction or 10 USD, whichever is greater.

Convenience: By accepting Visa and MasterCard.

The option is already available in Binance accounts and initially users will have a daily limit of $ 20,000 and a maximum of $ 50,000, being the minimum purchase of $ 50. It also lists some countries that are restricted to operate with credit cards among which China stands out as well as some regions of North America like New York, Washington, Hawaii, among others.

Simplex processes payments with a 100% guarantee, being responsible for all the money in case of fraud, and allowing payments to be made in a faster, more efficient, simple and 100% secure way.

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