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ABL Capital ready to fund new businesses in the Fintech industry

ABL Capital, is incorporated as a new member of Colombia Fintech, one of the most active Fintech communities in the region and who represents the country’s technology and financial innovation industry.

ABL Capital makes its commitment through working capital loans and factoring, focusing mainly on SMEs with sales exceeding 500 million pesos and minimum 5 years of seniority. Its technological platform allows it to respond quickly, safely and transparently to clients that often remain outside the focus of attention of the financial system despite having a certain trajectory.

About the model

The model is based on an efficient and easy-to-use technological platform that allows maintaining the highest security standards and risk analysis, providing process optimization and a very short response time. This allows our potential clients quick answers to have the working capital they need to continue developing their business, “says Nicolás Uribe, Director and co-founder of ABL Capital.

Uribe says that studying the growing companies is not easy

Making them “attractive” for financing is only achieved through technological platforms such as those developed by ABL Capital, since in a very short time it is possible to access all the relevant information It allows to provide a response to the client. This ensures transparency and reduces the waste of time and unnecessary paperwork for companies that must keep the focus on their operation.

ABL Capital and its investments

In just over two years, ABL Capital has disbursed more than 10 billion pesos to more than 70 clients in the main cities of Colombia. This undoubtedly represents an important commitment to respond to the needs of SMEs that are the fiber of the generation of employment in the country and part of its economic growth. Technology simplifies processes and allows the customer’s approach to be much friendlier than in the past. The clients of ABL Capital receive financing for their growth at a critical moment for their expansion needs.

Integration of the business model

For ABL Capital, being part of Colombia Fintech ensures a better integration of this business model into the Fintech ecosystem of the region. The growth projections of ABL estimate that in the next 3 years they will be able to locate more than 20,000 million pesos to more than 200 clients in Colombia and expand their operations to other countries in the region.

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