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Add This Phone Number Validation API To Your Website

Do you want to add a phone number validation API to your website? In this article, we will tell you how to do it and which is the best API available on the market.

Having a large quantity of valid phone numbers in your database is crucial for any business that depends on SMS or voice calls for lead generation, retargeting, or client service. Phone number validation is the process of confirming that a phone number is active and able to receive calls and messages. This is done by checking the format of the number, whether it is local or international, and whether it belongs to a recognized carrier company. 

Phone number validation can be done using an API. This is a piece of software that allows you to access data from various providers. In this case, you can use an API to check if a phone number is valid or not. You can also obtain information about it, such as its location, carrier company, and more. 

Add This Phone Number Validation API To Your Website

There are many APIs available on the market nowadays that you can use for this purpose. However, we believe that the best one is Phone Number Validator API. This tool is available at Zyla API Hub and it has been designed to help you quickly determine which numbers in your database are valid. You can also use it to see which numbers are from specific countries and see information about them.

How To Validate A Phone Number With An API

Using an API is simple and requires no special effort. You just need a computer, an internet connection, and an API provider that offers phone number validation as a service. Here, we’ll walk you through the steps required to verify a phone number in order to ensure that your marketing team only contacts valid numbers.

First, sign up for an account at Zyla API Hub. When you finish, you’ll be given an API key. This combination of letters and digits will allow you to make calls to our APIs.
Second, include your bearer token in the Authorization header to authenticate with the Phone Number Validator API.

Third, add the phone number you want to validate as a parameter to your API call. You’ll then get information about it, including whether it’s valid or not.
You can already start using this API! Just give it a try and see how easy it is to validate phone numbers with it!



Using this endpoint, you can validate the phone number and obtain additional information.

API Responses:
"status": "success",
"phone": "1155724775",
"phone_valid": false,
"phone_type": "unknown",
"phone_region": "",
"country": "",
"country_code": "",
"country_prefix": "0",
"international_number": "+1 1155724775",
"local_number": "1155724775",
"e164": "+11155724775",
"carrier": ""

That’s all there is to it! The rest will be handled by the Phone Number Validator API! It will tell you if the phone number is legal, as well as the country code, international dialing format, and how it is represented in local dialing format. Let’s get this party started!

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