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All you need to know about Vantik, the new Fintech

Thanks to the pension fintech Vantik, even digital natives can now plan the pension without media discontinuity. Vantik offers not only an app but also a high degree of flexibility. This allows contributions to be changed or suspended. Above all, the purpose of fintech is to meet the requirements of young users, who are less and less likely to be permanent employees. “Today’s generation orchestrates their lives via their smartphones.

“Now you can finally do this retirement with the smartphone ” said founder and CEO Til Klein. After the concept became public last fall, around 10,000 interested parties registered. Vantik invests funds deposited in a portfolio of ETFs and manages them using a value-at-risk model. In addition, the provisioning fintech provides a safety buffer in the form of a cash reserve, which is managed by a foundation and guarantees payouts in old age. In the future, Vantik wants to make pensions even easier with smart features such as self-definable rules.

Mobile retirement provision of one of the most exciting FinTech markets

As early as last year, Vantik CEO Klein told to push for future growth through cooperation and innovative approaches. One of these approaches is a gift certificate, which should facilitate the start of retirement. Vantik has also strengthened its strategic start to the market: With Onvista founder Stephan Schubert, a renowned German fintech expert participates in a seven-digit seed financing. “Given the demographic evolution, mobile retirement is currently one of the most exciting FinTech markets.

About Vantik

Vantik was the first company in Europe to find a truly innovative answer to this challenge, “says Schubert. The former investors Atlantic Labs, Seedcamp and the founder of the most successful German fintech N26 Maximilian Tayenthal will also be part of this round of financing. Vantik hopes for additional growth from the plans of the Federal Government to oblige self-employed people to take pensions in the future. These should have to choose between statutory pension and private provision.

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