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Alternatives To Vatlayer API For Uk VAT Validation API In 2022

Do you intend to grow your company’s operations throughout the EU? You must routinely check VAT numbers if you want to be certain about overseas transactions. But don’t fret; in this article, we’ll explain the VAT validation API tools you may use to complete the task quickly. For better financial data validation, greater client reach, and increased revenue, keep reading!

Let’s start with the most crucial consideration, which is understanding what a VAT number means. In a nutshell, it is a special identification number used for value-added tax purposes in a number of European Union nations. It enables you to conduct online currency exchanges with any business operating in Europe and adhering to EU regulations. However, if you provide an incorrect VAT number, you can later run into issues with your VAT returns. Validating VAT numbers is crucial and necessary because of this.

How can my company calculate the VAT of another company? And how can we determine if it is true and accurate? You can check it out on the official websites of your government or the EU VAT Information Exchange System (VIES). However, there is a quicker and better method that involves making an account on a VAT validator like an API (API). Because of their deeper code links with numerous servers, these apps operate more quickly than normal websites. So, if you enter the VAT number into the checker, you will immediately learn whether it is legal and whether it is in good functioning order.

We bring the Vatlayer API to assist you to comprehend this subject. Value-added taxes and other common payment processes can be automated by the platform. Along with many other functions, it verifies emails, locates IP addresses using geolocation, computes VAT, and compresses images. In essence, you give the information that has to be verified, and the system tells you if it is accurate or not. Along with other data, you can also obtain details about fiscal matters, a physical address, and a company name. Of course, you have the opportunity to select another one.

Alternatives For This API

VAT Validation API

Using the VAT Validation API is the most effective way to determine whether a VAT number is valid. In terms of security, analytics, and performance, it is the finest in its class. This UK VAT Validation API will respond to you quickly, be simple to comprehend, and be updated frequently! If the value-added tax is legal, you can also find out more about the business.

It compiles the country codes for every EU member state. The only criteria to get started are a subscription, an account, and the VAT number you want to verify! You can use this VAT Lookup API to effectively find it even if you only have the firm name or the country code.


A VAT number checker API called VATSense has tools for calculating international VAT and GST rates. You can use it to maintain compliance with VAT, for instance, if you sell your goods or services in the UK. Additionally, you can generate invoices, find EU VAT rates, and convert currencies in addition to validating VAT numbers.


A nice alternative to consider is LOVAT. Anyone on your staff can manage taxes thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness. It enables you to compute percentages, verify your VAT number, and add computations to a report page. You won’t use up a lot of time or resources with this validation tool!

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