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Attract New Customers With An IP Geolocation API

Do you want to target your audience and attract new customers only by knowing their location? You need to try these APIs.

IP-based geolocation is a way to find the location of an internet-connected computing or mobile device. These days, knowing your customers’ location can be extremely helpful for your marketing strategy.

How? It can help in a lot of ways, one of them being delivering customized experiences based on the clients’ location. And this is what can help you attract new clients.

It won’t only give you important information about your potential clients. geomarketing (also called marketing geography) is a discipline that uses geolocation (geographic information) in the process of planning and implementing marketing activities. It can be used in any aspect of the marketing mix — the product, price, promotion, or place.

Attract New Customers With An IP Geolocation API

This allows advertisers to send personalized messages to people depending on where they are in real-time. With geo-advertising, you can perform geographic personalization and get your display and banner ads right into your customers’ hands.

What is geographic personalization?

Geographic personalization is the way you can tailor your content based on a user’s geographic location. Based on the information you get with a location you can change your products or present them in a way that’s interesting for your current customers and your new ones.

Delivering content based on geographic location is the easiest way to enjoy the benefits of personalization. All you have to know about a specific customer is where they are which is really easy with an IP geolocation API.

Personalizations can be as simple as displaying climate-specific products, or as complex as adjusting the messaging on your homepage to include location-specific language nuances. 

90% of leading marketers report personalization significantly boosts business profitability. 

Here are our picks for the best IP geolocation APIs:

1. IpXapi

Attract New Customers With An IP Geolocation API

ipXapi is integrated with multiple channels delivering real-time IP data, which is why the database used by the ipXapi API is updated regularly, with up to 24 database updates per day.

With 11 years of constant optimization, the infrastructure behind ipXapi and the ipXapi API has grown to become highly scalable and efficient, currently handling between 2 to 3 billion API requests per day.

Data coverage is constantly increasing, with ipXapi presently supporting over 2 million unique locations in over 200.000 cities across the world.

2. IpGeolocation

Attract New Customers With An IP Geolocation API

IpGeolocation comprises above 25 million IP Address ranges which makes them one of the largest IP Data providers. Their purpose is to build proprietary crawlers that scan IP address allocations across all registries daily and trace their location to city-level accuracy. Apart from that, they partner with ISPs to keep their database up to date.

3. ipapi

Attract New Customers With An IP Geolocation API

This is an API cloud service allowing customers to automate IP address validation and geolocation lookup in websites, applications and back-office systems. The API is capable of determining a total of 47 unique data points for each processed IP address, including extensive information about the location, connection, ISP, currency, time zone and security attached to a given IP address.

The service is popular among businesses and developers worldwide and is used by more than 30.000 companies from all around the world. 

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