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Best 3 APIs To Revise Fuel Prices In India

Oil is often referred as the “lifeblood” of nations. If we take a look at the multiple uses it has, this reference is not exaggerate. Believe it or not, we owe to oil many products that we use in our daily lives such as clothing, cosmetics, paint, chairs, plastic milk bottles among others. But, it could be said that the most important part that oil plays in our lives is the fact that it allows us to move. It provides the petrol and diesel necessary for cars and lorries, trains and emergency services. Nowadays, the asian country of India, ranks as the third most oil consumer country in the world. According to stadistics, the country consumed approximately almost 4.5 million oil barrels per day in 2016. The figure has increased to 5 million oil barriels this year. Oil in this country is so country that it even has a day to celebrate and remember the importance of the product.

Despite the importance that oil has in India, the country has a hard time with the product. Prices change on a regular basis and the 4,000 cities in the country have their own prices. It is hard for the citizens to keep up with all the changes and it makes it difficult for them to have access to it. This is clearly shown in the statistics that prove that buses and trains are the most chosen means of transportation.

India representará un tercio de los proyectos de petróleo y gas de Asia  Pacífico para 2025 - World Energy Trade

So, if you need to be updated of all the fuel prices in India an instrument that will provide the latest prices will be introduced. An Application Programming Interface, or an API allows an application to request data from another system. There are various sites where you can get the API that best suits you and start having the freshest fuel prices every day.

Daily Petrol, Diesel, LPG & CNG Fuel Prices In India

This API provided by RapidAPI provides daily fuel prices for the four types of fuels avaiable in the retail market which are Petrol, Diesel, LPG and CNG. The fuel prices of more than 500 indian cities are updated everyday at 6 AM IST. You will also receive the price change from the previous revision. Another feature that this API offers is that you can have access to the fuel prices on any date of your choice in the last 30 days for individual regions (either is a state or a city) and the list of cities with both the highest and lowest fuel prices.

GetFuel Prices API

This API is given by Barchart provides refined both fuel price data and reference data. You can obtain fuel price data for geographic coordinates and radius, zip code and radius and for a specified country, including India of course. The API will provide valid values in use for requesting refined fuel data. Reference data can also be requested for geographic coordinates and radius.

Fuel Prices In India API

Zyla Labs offers this very useful API to check fuel prices in India as well. This API provides the latest prices of fuel and diesel in every Indian city. You can trust that you will be updated at all times. Prices are revised every day at 6 AM. With the city ID of your choice, the API will both receive and deliver the latest rates for Fuel, Diesel and CNG, if the price have changed in any way, you will be notified and provided with the difference as well. Ig you own a courier company that needs to be updated at all times of the fuel prices of every city you cover to calculate how much you would spend in fuel in each city.

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