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Best 4 APIs To Get Detailed App Information

In this day and age of technology and diverse systems that allow us to do so much, having the best tools available to you is becoming increasingly important. In a world where apps and technology are at the center of many people’s lives, you must have access to the best and most popular APIs on the market. There are many cool APIs to consider no matter what type of app you are developing.

An API is a complex tool. Some of the most popular APIs are even easy to use without a key. There are many to choose from, each with their own set of capabilities. An API is an application programming interface by definition. This interface communicates between different software points, directing data where it needs to go and everything in between.

The value of API is that it can work with multiple data points and provide responses as needed. A customer could access multiple things in one place rather than jumping from site to site or link to link to complete a task. So in this case, there are APIs for tracking the comments and the behaviour of your application in the app stores. The review API are very important because the user´s opinions are fundamental so developers can make changes or delete some devices. Here in this article , we will present you the best 4 review APIs:

1- Zyla´s Get Apps Info and Reviews API: by providing this data, the Zyla Get Apps Info and Reviews API can help developers understand what users like and dislike about their apps so that they can work to improve them in the future. This review API gives developers access to both positive and negative customer feedback, as well as app ratings; then they can analyze the feedback and use it to improve and change their product as needed.

To use it, first you must perform the following steps:
1- To begin using the API, navigate to the Get Apps Info and Reviews API and click the “Subscribe” button.
2- After signing up for Zyla API Hub, you will be given your personal API key. Using this one-of-a-kind combination of numbers and letters, you will be able to use, connect, and manage APIs.
3- Use different API endpoints depending on what you’re looking for.
4- After you’ve located your required endpoint, make the API call by pressing the “run” button and then view the results on your screen. And you’ve got it! You can begin using the Get Apps Info and Reviews API.

2-Google Cloud Storage API: Google Cloud Storage, developed by Google, enables developers to create applications that can easily store and retrieve data from the Google cloud. This API creates a storage facility for you to use. At any time, data can be saved and analyzed. How to obtain the API key: First, users have to go to Google Console, choose an existing or new project, and enable billing. Then, they can continue to enable the API. And finally, they navigate to the credentials page to find your API key. They present the following features:

CreateBucket – this feature returns a bucket that has just been created.
CreateObject – returns a newly created object as well as its associated metadata.
DeleteBucket – This feature permanently deletes an empty bucket.
CreateBucketAclEntry – this function adds a new ACL entry to the specified bucket.

3- Microsoft Get App Data: To get data for existing apps in your Partner Center account, use the Microsoft Store API methods. You can see Create and manage submissions using Microsoft Store services for an introduction to the Microsoft Store information API, including prerequisites for using the API. The app must already be in your Partner Center account before you can use these methods. Developers can see the methods in Manage app submissions to create or manage app submissions and reviews.

4- The Apple App Store Review API: reviews on published apps in the Apple App store are openly available. A limited number of reviews can be accessed via a rss call the right URL.

  • country is the App Store country where you sell it, e.g. gb
  • page_no is the page of the data to return – data is from paginated
  • app_id is the number following “id” in the App Store URL

The example Python code calls the API the requests library. The resulting nested JSON is flattened and saves as a CSV file. An example of format returned by the API is give in the file when you purchase the API.

Developers receive a lot of data and it is very hard to analyze it and make reports by hand. That it is why , the APIs are fundamental for that use. In this article, we present you the best 4 reviews APIs and it was found that the Zyla Get Apps Info and Reviews API offers the best tools and the reports of the apps development.

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