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Best 5 VAT Number Check APIs In 2023

Value-added tax, or VAT, is a duty that all member states of the European Union must fulfill. The VAT, or consumption tax, is applied to almost all goods and services purchased and sold in Europe, whether they are for personal or business use.

The sum of all of them, taking into account the number of transactions to which each one applies and any potential exemptions, yields the effective rate of VAT, which is the most accurate and enables a more precise comparison of how it is taxed. in the consumption of the European Union.

Because this tax is typically paid on finished goods, and the business must then provide legal justification for it, it is the final consumer’s obligation to be able to collect it. As a result, in order to make the items and transport them through numerous transactions before they are produced as the manufactured product, a company’s business process must be legitimate and authentic. Following this, it is crucial to verify the validity of the VAT numbers.

It is crucial to take advantage of any opportunity afforded by possible new European clients given the status of the companies currently. Keep in mind, first and foremost, that most purchases made in Europe are subject to VAT, which must be applied and incurred. Due to the fact that VAT is calculated and incurred where the import occurs, other operations, including exports outside of the EU, are exempt from paying it.

For that reason, we are going to give you 5 alternatives for you to check and validate VAT numbers.

VAT Validator API

This EU VAT API is an essential tool for making sure that transactions take place legally on EU soil. It instantly reacts after scanning each number. If you work for a company or the government and you need to confirm these transactions or determine whether they are false, this API can help you do your duty more quickly.

For a tax office or company to manually check this out with a team of employees, it would take a lot of time. This is why it’s essential to have access to tools that facilitate labor, such as this VAT Validator.

Abstract API

Since having the most recent and correct VAT data is essential, Abstract works closely with a variety of sources, including the EU Commission, to deliver reliable data. The VAT API from Abstract can determine the amount of VAT due on a specific purchase, accounting for the nation of purchase as well as other purchase-specific information. You must confirm that the VAT numbers you possess or that users submit to you are valid, and Abstract makes it simple to do so with just one straightforward API call.


One of the most crucial elements of any successful cross-border sales is managing VAT for your online business, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. With the aid of a top-notch VAT software, you may complete your reporting on time and compute your taxes across many jurisdictions with confidence. Users can receive periodic assessments and training on VAT compliance subjects via the software. In order to keep users informed about VAT rules, it also compiles news and market movements into a feed.

VAT Sense

With the help of the VAT Sense API, you can validate VAT numbers, produce invoices that are compatible with VAT, retrieve EU VAT rates, world GST rates, and convert currencies. a developer-friendly VAT API to aid in your company’s compliance with VAT. You may make VAT-compliant invoices and send them securely to clients using the VAT Sense API. All are housed on our servers in London. Find out right away if your customer is a legitimate business customer by instantly validating VAT Numbers against live records from the UK, EU, Australia, Norway, and Switzerland.


Access VAT rates for all 28 current EU members, check VAT numbers, and look up company information. By using the industry-standard HTTPS to connect to the API, you can ensure safe and encrypted datastreams. Requests are handled by a network of trustworthy data sources, including the EU Commission. Track your API consumption on a daily or monthly basis, and if you get low, you’ll get alerts right away.

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