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Best Alternatives To Hunter In 2022

Today you will gain information about some of the best alternatives to Hunter. You will dive into the email verification APIs world.

All Companies Use Email

Right now email is a platform all companies use as a way to interact with those who are not nearby. Maybe customers, providers, and even other companies. It is extremely popular because it is a safe space where communications can happen with ease. Therefore, email is one of the most popular interfaces used for both business and pleasure.

That last sentence is something that characterizes email. The fact that it can both entertain business and personal communications is something that makes it stand out. For example, it is extremely common for companies to provide a company’s email to their workers. As a result, they do not have to use their personal ones. An aspect that does not happen with any other platform.

The popularity of email has led the platform to develop new practices. For example, the creation of campaigns and promotion of services. Because companies realized the impact such an interface has on people. These came to become an extremely clever way to up sales, gain new clients, and more! Here is where the importance of email verification API like Hunter appears.


Email Verification API – Hunter

I just gave a brief description of the importance of email. Of course, even though it offers amazing possibilities it does possess some bad sides. There exists a lot of fake or disposable email addresses that can hurt your company’s campaigns and communications. Such troubling domains are made by users who want to take advantage of trials, do not feel comfortable giving their own email, or even with the goal of generating viruses.

Therefore, companies must be aware and careful with these kinds of domains. Thankfully, since this is a problem that has grown in the past year, email APIs like Hunter have emerged. Hunter possesses a verification feature that permits your company to find out if there are certain domains that are not valid or real.

Consequently, the Hunter API is one that will bring tranquility. There exists a variety of email verificator APIs of such kind. Hence, if you are looking for other alternatives to Hunter, I will add them below.

Hunter Alternatives:


E-Mail Verificator and Temp Emails Detector

Definitely, if you are looking for an email API that is similar to Hunter and even better, you need to try the Email Verificator API.  This application programming interface will verify if those emails on your list result as risky. Moreover, it has a disposable feature that will tell you if the emails are disposable and temporary.

This last feature adds extreme value for companies because sometimes the emails analyzed pass as real because they are temporary. Well, The Verificator API will not let such tramp happen, it will catch them in seconds. Therefore, there is no way your mailing list will have intrudes.


Abstract API

More than 100,000 new businesses and businesses use this alternative to Hunter. The email Abstract API of electronic verification centers on the developer. Also, it is used by companies like Shopify, Stanford, and Payoneer.


Captain Verify

To end with Hunter’s alternatives, Captain Verify should be mentioned. The email detection API is one that will catch any domain traps and fake ones! It is simple to use and will reduce those bugs on your mailing list!

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