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Best Alternatives To Hypotenuse

Product Description Generators have been one of the greatest inventions of the last century since they aid to write enticing messages every day. They help to reduce the time invested in that process; delivering optimum results in the shortest time possible. The future of e-commerce will be handled with state-of-the-art software, which will lead to unbelievable results.

Hypotenuse is a content generator api that automatically creates product descriptions for e-commerce Product Detail Pages using machine vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP). For your PDP, it transmits product data and obtains product descriptions.

The use of detailed documentation and hands-on support makes the connection with Hypotenuse. By means of this, you have control of your product data and its tone, style and structure. As a result, this API generates the description you wanted.

Nevertheless, there are other useful options to help you generate detailed and specific content for your products. When you write a message, you are connecting with your audience in a personal way and that is what you should always bear in mind.

Description Builder API’s

You may dynamically create descriptions for your e-commerce products with the help of the user-friendly machine learning techniques provided by the Description Builder API. This behaves in a human-like manner.

The name of your product and a brief description are the only pieces of information our API needs from you. Using all of this information, the API processes and retrieves recommendations that you may use in your product descriptions. In this method, you can create suitable descriptions every day.

If you have a lot of items and not a lot of spare time, this API will take care of the process for you. There will be a variety of descriptions available, and you merely need to select the one that best suits your requirements.

Furthermore, depending on how many requests you require, you have a variety of options. For instance, you can choose the free plan if you just need to make up to 10 requests every month. The Basic, Pro, and ProPlus packages are a few of your other paid options.


Dukaan is a product description generator tool, which uses OpenAI´s GPT-3 technology in order to create descriptions based on terms entered. In the blink of an eye, this API creates unique and SEO-friendly descriptions. The more information you provide, the more detailed the description will be.

One of its standout points is that it offers a 7-day free trial, and then you can choose which plan to follow. Some of its options are the Entrepreneur, the Agency or Enterprise. You select the strategy that works best for your company.


MashLearn is a three-step process that uses AI technology. In order to determine the common thread running through the rest of your goods, it first analyzes the product stream. In order to gauge the possible impact, it creates content for your product and builds a simulation of your store using the new content. Finally, it syncs your products with the most appropriate descriptions. This API evaluates a data source’s accuracy by analyzing it and assigning it a score for data accuracy.

How much you pay depends on the monthly package you choose. That is to say, you can choose among the Basic, Pro or Enterprise plans. This is due to the fact that each plan includes different things, such as email support, basic reports, among others.

To sum up, there are different API alternatives to Hypotenuse to choose from, depending on your needs and purposes. The good news is that in this era you can choose from an array of them and then decide on the one that you prefer the most.

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