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Best Alternatives To Outwrite In 2022

Are you a content writer with a few piles of text to correct and no time to do it by yourself? You don’t get to this article by coincidence: we can recommend you the best paraphrasing tools to check them!

Why Using An AI To Paraphrase

If you want to create outstanding content, you must integrate proofreading tools as part of the writing process. The reasons why are very simple: artificial intelligence is trained to detect plagiarism signs and grammatical mistakes. And it can do it faster than you while you are reading these sentences. 

The major purpose of a paraphrasing tool is to maintain the credibility of your content, track its marketing activities, and encourage readers to do the necessary actions. Also, as it contains features such as spell-check, and sentence rewriting it is critical in improving clarity and comprehension. 

A Paraphrase Case

We can mention Outwrite as an example of a paraphrasing tool that became popular in the last few years. It runs online, like most of the options, and has a sort of box where you paste your text or upload a document. By clicking on the paraphrase button, you see the original lines with the suggested changes. It works with an API too, this means that you can use a code key to embed it into your favorite writing application. 

Outwrite instantly corrects spelling, grammatical, and punctuation mistakes and also proposes aesthetic and structural changes. For instance, you can switch sentences from passive to active voice. It allows you to rephrase phrases to make them shorter, longer, or more varied. Besides, you can get real-time statistics from your writing, to keep an eye on your evolution. 


But, unfortunately, it has only 3 languages to choose from. Moreover, some reviews add that it doesn’t show you the improvements until you pay. And it was very expensive! That’s why we make a succinct list of the ones that actually can help you. 

Best Paraphrasing Tool Alternatives 



Plaraphy is the most extensive paraphrasing tool available. With its online converter or using the API (Application Programming Software), you will transform any content into brand new information. This tool can rephrase anything with an accurate AI technology that includes a grammar checker, a plagiarism detector, and synonym suggestions. You won’t find a better, most complete, and most precise software. Improve the quality of your content, sign up for a test for a 1,000-character paragraph without charges!


With AI technology, eliminates duplicate information, rewrites phrases, and generates more understandable texts. You will reformulate the original material better than expert writers by replacing the original content with relevant synonyms. It also employs PNL to retain the original meaning while modifying the sentence form. You will need an account to get access to more cool features! 



Rephrase may rewrite an entire document by substituting terms with comparable meanings or by employing similar sentence patterns. You can use it for a variety of purposes, including composing blog entries, creating original articles, and copywriting for marketing. Besides, you will be able to properly paraphrase and re write without making any mistakes. 

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