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Best Alternatives To ReWriteGuru

If you are a developer you must read this article because we are going to bring you the best paraphrasing tools. They are available in different language programs, so you can embed them into your company’s website or application. Don’t miss the latest and most accurate programming information! 

Nowadays that every text is available online, there are more possibilities of writing the same 10 words that other people use. This is a copyright problem because if the person you quote by mistake is an important personality you would even have to pay taxes. In the academic world, for example, students must check their essays with extra resources to make them sure. 

When we talk about big companies’ reports the issues become bigger. Whether you meant to or not, using someone else’s text without acknowledgment is plagiarism. Even a single phrase of unintentional plagiarism might have major implications. The best solution is to use reformulating tools to save time by simply changing the source’s original lines. One of the most known is ReWriteGuru and in the next paragraph, we will tell you more about it.  

How Does ReWriteGuru Work?

Paraphrasing material is a simple and quickly artificial intelligence technique that will provide you with fresh website copy generation. In this line, ReWriteGuru is a website where you can rewrite any article or text whether it is long or short. It has a high level of accuracy so you may rephrase your current material and obtain 100% original redactions. It also has other cool features, but the most important is the one that keeps plagiarism away from your project. Despite all these benefits, it doesn’t work as an Application Programming Software (API). In fact, there are a few options that complement online and API services and we make a list of them.   

paraphrasing tool

Best Paraphrasing Alternatives


paraphrasing tool

Plaraphy is the most precise and complete paraphrasing tool available online. It will thoroughly examine your source material and transform any instances of plagiarism into new phrases. It uses precise AI technology to recreate any material, with synonyms and structure changes included. Your clients will also have three modes to re-write: standard, fluency, and creative. They must join up and subscribe to receive a sample of 1,000 characters to start using it! It runs with cURL, JavaScript, and JSON. Use the Plaraphy API’s rewriting capabilities in your projects and purchase only what you require for your traffic requirements!

Paraphrase Online

paraphrasing tool

Paraphrase Online is another good option to consider. It rapidly and precisely modifies essays and articles, phrases, sentences, and single words. Text content may be instantly recreated for a website, blog, business document, or anything you want. It’s never been easier to express yourself creatively! 

Paraphrase Tool

paraphrasing tool

Paraphrase Tool has cutting-edge AI technology that generates new versions of your text in several languages. You may transform your words and sentences in a variety of ways, guaranteeing that you discover the appropriate tone, style, and expression. Simply paste or begin writing in the box to get your first result!

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