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Best API Marketplace For Indonesian Developers

Are you looking for the best API marketplace to monetize Indonesian APIs? We have the perfect option for you!

Because APIs are so popular and on demand it’s easy to want to make your own API and get money from it. However, there are many things to consider starting that journey.

First of all, you should make sure you have something good to offer, a good service and product that can stand out while being compared to the competition.

After that, you should make sure your product works well and it’s well designed.

A Product Manager's Guide to APIs | by Akshayaa Govindan | Medium

Once that’s done and you have a good API on demand you should monetize it. This is where a problem surges.

A lot of people don’t know how to monetize their API, after your API is done a lot of people might advice you to make a website.

However, it is not necessary to work on making a website from scratch, building a payment system, and working on other complicated infrastructure. You can just publish your API on an API Marketplace.

Why should I publish my API in a Marketplace?

API marketplaces are the best options for developers looking to monetize their own APIs.  They make it possible for you to market your API easily, showing it to potential buyers all over the world.

How? An API marketplace is a user-friendly public hub where API providers can publish APIs for developers and partners to consume.

The marketplace also allows providers to monetize their APIs, usually by creating a subscription plan (or a variety of different subscription plans).

Monetize your API in Zyla API Hub

There are a lot of ways to monetize an API. Just as APIs are diverse the methodologies for monetizing them also vary. But the best way to do it, and the easiest, is with an API marketplace.

If you want to monetize your API in the Zyla API Hub marketplace, for example, you need to click on and go to developer and then “Add new API”.

Benefits for developers that use Zyla API Hub

– You can publish your API for free

– It presents your API to customers based on it’s categories

– Pricing: It gives you price suggestions based on the category of your API with an API Call, AI and algorithms.

-Monetization: It makes the process of monetization of your API easier, you won’t have to create a website, post it online or create a payment and subscription system. All you have to do is publish your API and they’ll handle the rest.

-Guidance to publish your API: step by step

-1 level support: They solve 80% of your client’s problems so you can focus on just making good APIs.

-Quality assurance: It provides testing and revision of your APIs to make sure they’re good quality APIs, guaranteeing a good user experience for your clients.  

-Content creation: They provide with curation for SEO, marketing, curation of the developer’s description, categories, content, keywords, SEO generated content to attract organic traffic.

Marketplaces like Zyla API Hub, handle customer acquisition, memberships, key management, and payment collection processes so you can focus on just building fantastic APIs. This is why you should try the user-friendly public hub: Zyla API Hub.

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