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Best API To Categorize Customers By Their Company Headcount

When you are trying to know and understand your customers, one thing that’s really important is to know the headcount of their company. This will allow you to understand more about their preferences and behavior, which will help you to send a better and adapted message to them. 

A headcount is a model for human resources to plan and scale an organization. Companies that employ headcount are focused on having enough personnel in place to carry out a broad organizational strategy. Planning headcount is a highly strategic process that aims to meet the business’s goals, objectives, and changes. It calculates each person in a role working the full amount of time appropriate for a role.

Benefits Of Using Headcount Planning

  • HR can connect their workforce’s talent with the company’s strategy and objectives.
  • Gaps in the workforce can be detected, allowing recruitment efforts to be focused.
  • Establishes performance objectives based on corporate data.
Best API To Categorize Customers By Their Company Headcount

With that information, you can see that knowing a company’s headcount is very important when you want to reach them in a better way. To know that, you can use an API, which is a connection between two computers or applications that allows them to communicate. An API will keep your information updated and safe, so you can use it however you want.

For getting the API, we highly recommend using GetZyla, a machine learning-powered API-enabled platform that allows you to obtain personal and business data about anybody you choose.

How Does Zyla Work?

The Zyla Company Classification API takes a URL and returns data about the company category it belongs to. This API looks at a company’s website and assigns it to one of 385+ categories.

Users may organize and search for information in emails, corporations, and websites with this program. You can obtain a full name, face photo (avatar), address, company size, role, company logo, company category, and corporate social media connections, among other things, with only one email.

Best API To Categorize Customers By Their Company Headcount

You may discover more about your consumers and customize your advertising and products to their tastes with this tool. Understanding what makes your product appealing to your target market is essential.

To use it, simply go to this page, create an API key that you may use as you want, then enter your customer’s email address and click “Get Started.” Then. You obtain the data in JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, and look for the category ‘headcount.’


GetZyla is one of the most unique services available. It keeps you from having a horrible time and dispels your concerns if you suspect it is a fake or fraudulent firm. It provides its own analysis and detects red flags before you start doing business with a page that does not exist, in addition to providing all of the information about the company.

For more information, you can check the website here.

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