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Best Computer Vision APIs For Classifying Images

If you work in the e-commerce sector and you manage your website, this article is for you. We know that for building a platform like this, you will need to classify your products’ images. And there is no better option than an image classification API! Have you ever heard about it? Keep on reading!

What Is Computer Vision?

Computer Vision is an artificial intelligence area that teaches computers to interpret and comprehend the visual environment. Machines can effectively recognize and categorize items using digital pictures from cameras, movies, and deep learning models. Then, they react to what they ‘see’ showing us the class or classes that group them.

Today’s AI systems can go a step farther and execute actions based on visual comprehension. Several forms of computer vision are utilized in various applications: segmentation, object detection, and facial identification. But the most important, in our opinion, is the tag classification.

Especially when it comes to high-quality photographs, it is important to categorize them. Computer vision helps us operate in three stages. In the first place, it obtains a picture. Images, even massive collections, may be captured in real-time for analysis using video, photographs, or 3D technologies. Deep learnings automate much of this process, but they must first be trained on thousands of labeled or pre-identified photos. The final stage is the interpretive one which involves identifying or categorizing pictures. The criteria they follow for assigning a text to them is the content they contain.

How does Computer Vision Classify Images?

The task of associating one (single-label classification) or more (multi-label classification) labels to a given image is known as image classification. Vision Classification is identifying an object and designing a tag or label that links with them. It works with accurate learning machine models based on prediction codes.

Best Image Classification API

Tagging Content API

classifying images

The Image Tagging Content API is the best way to organize your images with only one or many labels. An Application Programming Interface connects your need or request with the solution -or response you want. This API has the benefit of being done in JSON and with an easy-to-follow format.

You must input the URL of the folder containing your photographs into a bar, along with your API key, and wait a few minutes. To take advantage of Image Tagging Content API create a ZylaAPIHub account and subscribe to it. Your e-commerce will function so much better if your clients could search for what they need by only writing a keyword in a bar.


With this powerful interface, you can select a model that would help you simply classify images! You just have to provide it with your uploaded image collection. The learning machine will define the tags your pictures are related to. Then, it will order them by their content. So, if someone types for example ‘washing machine’, the AI will show your clients all the products’ photos that contain that label. You can integrate DeepLobe API into your website program and start experiencing its benefits!


This Image Classification API will allow you to create a picture ordering system using its computer vision software. The images you upload will be classified for the recognized image method. They could be in PNG or JPG formats. Each one is compared to the labels and sorted under the correspondent tag. Kony API works with a prediction program that relies on a confidence level. The more it is close to a hundred percent, the more that image belongs to the tag.

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