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Best Email Verification Tools for B2B Marketers

If you are looking for tools for your business that allow you to save time to verify emails, this information can help you.

Today, the type of relationship between companies and the way they collaborate is very different from years ago. Technology undoubtedly marked a before and after. Before, a good Powerpoint presentation of products, services and a budget was enough to show other companies the services and products of your own business.

The image that is projected outwards, the presence and the values of the companies became fundamental when closing a deal with other companies. Companies look for suppliers and collaborators that not only provide a quality product and service, but also seek the contribution of extra added value. Something that contributes and is an improvement to the image of the company and that grants fruitful and enriching collaboration ties at all levels.

But, one of the questions that companies ask themselves is about how it is possible to maintain the values ​​of a company and personalized treatment while seeking business expansion. To achieve this goal, companies strive to use all the tools and instruments at their disposal to optimize their email marketing strategies like the email verification tools that we will see now.

Why Email Verification is important?

One way to optimize email marketing time and resources is through email verification. Email verification is the process of verifying that the email addresses on your mailing list are valid and can receive messages. It has become a way for companies to ensure that their marketing campaigns are successful and can drive business growth.

Using this technology, you can compare how many emails came from each source. Also, the email addresses of leads and subscribers will change over time because this tool keeps your email list up to date, ensuring you only send emails to valid and active addresses.

The way this tool works is quite simple because it uses an interface that connects applications to exchange information: Application Programming Interfaces (API). In the case of an email verification API, it connects your registration page with, for example, an email verification service.

And last but not least: the APIs work automatically, does not need human supervision which saves time and effort.

Top 3 email verification tools:

E-Mail Verificator and Temporary Emails Detector


With this Email Verificator API you can check if an email address is valid or invalid and if it is a temporary/disposable account. Their system is quite simple, if the address is valid and it is not a temporary email account, the “block” parameter will be false. Otherwise, it will be true.

Also, you can search through your database, and detect if there are any invalid or disposable emails before sending an email campaign. This will prevent bounces and improve campaign performance.

An extremely positive point of this platform is that it allows a trial of 200 requests per month.

Captain Verify

Another email verification and validation API is Captain Verify. Although it does have its footholds, such as the ability to allow users to filter and refine their mailing lists, unlike other email verification and validation APIs, Captain Verify doesn’t stop after checking emails for spam, false or invalid addresses, etc.


Verifalia allows you to identify all invalid emails as well as risky email types such as spam traps, role accounts, catch-all servers, and disposable email addresses. Although it is a tool that works correctly, its prices are excessively high, reaching double the price offered by other companies.

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