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Best Essay Checkers For Both Grammar And Plagiarism Issues

Are you looking for the best essay checkers for both grammar and plagiarism issues? Good news! You are in the right place because here we will show you which are them.

It can be a hard process to write a high-quality academic pieces. It usually takes hours and hours of investigation, paraphrasing and re-reading. Furthermore, cite sources appropriately and make dozens of quotes can make you become a little confused after so much time working on your essay. 

In addition to that, nerves can play tricks on your mind, and you can end up making silly grammar mistakes, even though you had never thought you could. When such a thing happens, it is no use to review the text over and over: you need someone check it for you.

Moreover, plagiarism is always a risk you need to prevent. The last thing you want is to submit your essay and get a sanction for duplicated words you did not even know they were there. Besides, it is known that using another author’s words as if they were your owns, attacks directly to your academic career.

Therefore, if you are a college student, you should use a plagiarism detector that can also help you correct any grammatical errors you may have committed. That way, you will improve your text and make sure you are not copying anybody else’s work. Here there are the best of them.


Cheplag is a high-level plagiarism detector. This saas provides powerful algorithms and large databases in order to check your text and help you identify if there are any duplicated text portions. By making a good use of it, you will avoid copyright infringement and ensure complete originality and authenticity in your text. 

Moreover, this plagiarism API allow you to check up to 50,000 for free just in a few clicks, so it does not only guarantee academic integrity in your work, but also takes care of your pocket and your valuable time. 


In order to avoid plagiarism, you can also try with Duplichecker, a saas that will show you the exact percentage of duplicated words you have written in your essay. Its friendly design allows you to review your text in a few minutes, and offers you precisely results, so you will quickly realize if you need to make any rearrangements on your work.


On the other hand, there is EduBirdie to help you fix grammar mistakes and improve your readability score. This edition software not only suggests you better words for your text, but also explains you grammatical rules in order to develop your writing skills. 

Now you are aware which are the best essay checkers for both grammar and plagiarism issues, you should start using them right now and see how your time is optimized!

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