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Best I2S Talkie OCR Alternatives Apps

Do you want to know what other apps apart from I2S Talkie OCR encompass Optical Character Recognition? Keep reading!

Optical character recognition (OCR) softwares analyse a document, compare it to typefaces in their database, and extracts character information. To put it another way, they turn scans and images into text. Hence, if you combine it with text to speech (TTS) technology, an incredibly practical tool comes to life. Do you imagine how easy life would be if you could take photos of text and listen to them?

I2S Talkie OCR makes it possible. This OCR scanner can convert nearly any image with legible letters into human speech in your local language and accent. The method is simple: once the scanned picture (Book page, magazine, journal, scientific paper, etc.) has been detected and translated into text content, you may replay that material in your local accent and over 45 languages of your choosing.

Nonetheless, it is not the only application able to mix TTS with OCR. Other tools in the market can help you out daily. So, if you are not satisfied with I2S Talkie OCR, these other apps can be good alternatives to check out.


Woord‘s app synthesises high-quality speech. More specific, it generates 60 –male, female and neutral– voices from 10 different languages, including some regional variations. Moreover, it gives you access to diverse advanced audio effects (the SSML editor, for example) to completely customise your audio. Therefore, it’s perfect to have anything read out loud.

Scan materials with OCR technology, save them for later and download them as MP3 files. With Woord, you can easily convert text into speech. You only need to enter the text-based content. Then, the app will speak it aloud for you.


Speechify can scan and read any physical document across more than 30 AI-engineered voices and 20 languages. Plus, you may change the reading pace until you find the one that better works for you. And, to aid comprehension, the screen will highlight each word as it is readout. Thus, the software is ideal for folks who have difficulty reading.

All in all, Speechify‘s goal is to serve as your personal reading assistant by converting your text-based resources to audio and reading them in a high-quality voice. Feel free to import your images and other documents at your leisure.

@Voice Aloud Reader

@Voice Aloud Reader is a multi-purpose (HTML, document and ebook) reader that can read on-screen or listen to when your eyes ache, malfunction, or are busy elsewhere. Open any file to read aloud and adjust the volume, pitch, and pace of speech.

@Voice Aloud Reader provides features like article storage, language auto-recognition, speech correction, and a sleep timer. Not to mention the fact that it now has OCR technology. So, if standard text extraction fails, extract text from PDF files.

Did you try these apps out? If you did, tell us which one do you consider the best alternative to I2S Talkie OCR!

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