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Best Image Search API to Track Down Brands

Your brand´s perception is the most valuable asset for your company. With careful management and a sound marketing strategy, your brand’s reputation can go a long way toward attracting new and devoted customers as well as securing business deals that could aid in the expansion of your company.

Because of this, maintaining your brand´s perception is crucial. While poor visibility leaves your target audience unaware of your existence, a bad perception might drive that audience away permanently.

That’s why it is very important to incorporate brand tracking as a regular task. The continuous monitoring of your brand´s perception over a period of time provides the means to understand what your target audiences think of your brand and how they respond to your brand messaging

Brand managers typically utilize brand tracking software, since it makes the entire process more simple. You may monitor the performance of your brand and see how target audiences are reacting to your brand’s positioning, messaging, and image with the aid of a fantastic tool.

Now, there are plenty of tools that use Word references for tracking down any mention of your brand, like DIY surveys or Social listening, but to be able to monitor the use of a brands logo, posters or flyers, you´ll need an API that can reverse search an image to track down how many times they where post, share and reupload in the web.

For that purpose, there are tools available like Reverse Image Search API, which can help you track any use of your Brand’s logo or visual publicity.

Reverse Image Search API 

Reverse Image Search API was developed to help people authenticate an image or find its source all across the internet. It can also be used to find out the authenticity of a profile photo or verify the ownership of an image.

By providing the URL of the image you want to search, the API will return a list of links where the image was used and named. That way, you could monitor the performance of your Brand, seeing not only how many times your new campaign poster was shared but also the context and conversations in which it was.

It’s also very useful for tracking down any misuse or illegal appropriation of your logos, for example. That way you can anticípate or avoid any economic repercussions or bad publicity for it.

Reverse Image Search API have different plans base on the number of request the user can do per months. Small business may do with 100 request per month while bigger companies may want to upgrade into 1.000 or even 30.000 request a month.

With the data you can get out of Reverse Image Search API, you’ll be able to prove whether the marketing Budget is going the right way, or make adjustments for bettering Brand perception, Brand consideration or Brand associations.

By reverse search image your Brand, you will be able to precisely assess the performance and overall success of your brand campaigns rather than assuming what caused the latest spike in traffic.

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