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Best Indifferent Opinion API In 2022

Customer satisfaction no longer depends on meeting consumers’ practical needs. Successful businesses differentiate from others because they acknowledge that every contact with clients has an emotional impact. By considering the emotional needs of customers a company may be more likely to concentrate on evoking happy feelings. Therefore, creating a strong emotional connection which may result in higher revenues. 

In contrast to positive and negative feedback, the value of indifferent opinions is sometimes underestimated. This is a mistake. When customers are indifferent, there is a high chance they may be attracted to other brands that offer enjoyable experiences. By monitoring neutral feedback, you can avoid that to happen.

Online surveys, social network comments, forums and more are different tools used to address clients’ perceptions. Manually analysing that set of data can be ineffective and expensive. Fortunately, Sentiment analysis APIs as technological resources facilitate and optimize this process. These tools use artificial intelligence IA and machine learning algorithms to detect and classify emotions in a body text.

With all the Indifferent Sentiment Analysis tools available on the market, you may wonder which is the best tool in 2022. In this post, we are going to introduce you Opinion Analysis API developed by Zila Labs.

Opinion Analysis API

Opinion Analysis API assesses sentiments in a body text. This API focuses on analysis reviews and public comments. In contrast to other customer opinion analysis APIs on the market, it assists you in determining if a post is a promotor, detractor, or indifferent. In other words, It allows you to discover and better understand your consumers’ feelings.

Additionally, relying on that online information, this API will inform you about the perception of your business. Then it will help you to differentiate between customers who feel emotionally connected to your brand, and those who are and might become detractors.

How does it work?

On a provided text, it supports the array limit of 64 items. It analyses the first 2000 characters of each and then produces a comprehensive report. Given that most evaluations do not typically go over that number, this is more than helpful. You receive a result in the form of one of three possible outputs following its analysis: promote, detract, or indifferent.

Furthermore, if English is not the main communication’ language in your company is not a problem. This API also supports Spanish and Dutch.

Subscription Plans

This tool also provides a variety of subscription plans to suit all demands. No matter how big or small is your business, you could find the ideal plan that adapts to your requirements. For example, there is an unpaid version available with convenient 25 requests per month. This might allow you to better understand the product before getting an established plan. However, if your number of requests required exceeds what the set plans provide you have the facility to customize your plan. You can request it by easily contacting Zyla Labs. Other than the monthly request amounts, there are no other restrictions.

Indifferent customer opinions are equally relevant as positive and negative ones. Therefore, having the right tool to interpret this data is crucial for any company. Opinion Analysis API from Zila labs is a fantastic option to incorporate into your business in 2022. Then you can access your customers’ needs and as a result, increase your company’s profits.

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