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Big Data Can Contribute To Wellness Tourism

We are increasingly willing to pay when it comes to health and wellness services. We spend up to five times more on this type of tourism than on other forms of leisure. Experts specializing in big data solutions explain how to take advantage of these opportunities with intelligent data tools. Discover how Big Data Can Contribute To Wellness Tourism.

Wellness tourism

The pandemic has left several reflections on the way people travel, how they visit destinations; and the tourist activities they carry out. The offer of mindfulness in tourism has increased significantly.

Although the fact of traveling with the purpose of carrying out retreats, meditations, and other activities that to a greater or lesser extent have a component of spirituality is not new; it is logical that tourist offers that have meditation are created or adapted more frequently. as the central axis of attention as one of its main attractions.

Another significant element of this type of offer is that it is no longer an exclusive attraction of the “Orient”. Mindfulness-based meditation, while rooted in Eastern meditations, has arguably been Westernized and lacks religious connotations.

Big Data Can Contribute To Wellness Tourism

New relationship model

You can build a more efficient and innovative relationship with current and potential customers, taking advantage of the fact that you are constantly connected by email, networks, mobile inquiries, etc. providing lots of useful information.

Predict phenomena and behaviors

The intelligent analysis of all this data helps to identify phenomena such as atmospheric variations or create daily patterns of a specific group to predict future behavior, expectations, and needs of consumers.

Better customer knowledge

With Big Data, it is possible to almost exactly identify the tastes and preferences of consumers and use that information to anticipate their decisions in real-time and personalize our services. Also, detect when is the best time to launch cross-selling and upselling offers or know the impact of campaigns to optimize them.

The best location of your centers

You can also determine the best place to establish yourself, based on socio-economic studies, analysis of the competition, and complementary or exclusive services in the area…

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