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Bitcoin enthusiasts: All you need to know about Lightning Torch

BTC-ECHO had already reported on the “Lightning Torch”, a kind of Olympic flame for bitcoin enthusiasts. In particular, the difficulties of sending Satoshis from the US to Iran sparked controversy in the scene. Despite the adversities, the Torch finally reached Persian realms on 4 March.

Now all political hurdles seem to have been overcome

Because after the #LNTrustChain still circulated a little within Iran, she promptly sent Twitter user Sam Abbassi to Israel – and sent a political message together with the Satoshis:

#LNTrustchain Torch was handed over to #Israel by #Iran. Peace [no] war. […] Great work @Ziya_Sadr @BitcoinemBassy #Currency

Now the Satoshis are in the hands of the Bitcoin Embassy in Tel Aviv.

But that’s not all. The Bitcoin evangelists seem to have just begun: For under the tweet of Sam Abbassi the community immediately demanded the transmission to the West Bank, respectively Gaza.

I love this. Let’s get it to Gaza / West Bank too. – dennis pourteaux 🌱 (@pourteaux) March 4, 2019

I love that. Let us [the torch] carry to Gaza / the West Bank.

The narrative of the limitless currency, which can act against any political calculation, seems intact again. After all, after the US government’s effective sanctions on Iran, that picture went awry.

Lightning Torch now in the Czech Republic

The desire to send the Lightning Torch to Palestine did not correspond to the Bitcoin Embassy in Israel. It was decided to send the Satoshis against the demands of the community to Prague to Slush Pool:

The #LNTrustChain ⚡ torch is moving on! From Tel Aviv into the capable hands of @slush_pool in Prague – the first mining pool in history, no less. Take good care of it and keep extending the chain! – Bitcoin Embassy TLV (@BitcoinemBassy) March 5, 2019

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