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Block Images And CSS On The Page You Want To Scrape By Using This API

Do you want to get the services of a web scraping API that allows you to access the actual content of a page without having to deal with images or annoying CSS elements? So this is your post, since we are going to tell you everything about Codery, the best web scraping solution available in 2023!

You may have never sat down to think about it; but the uses of web scraping are very clear and helpful; mainly we can take advantage of web scraping to get industrial amounts of information (Big data) without typing a single word. Through search algorithms we can crawl hundreds of websites to extract only the information we need.

For this, regex (regular expression) will undoubtedly be very useful to delimit the searches or make them more precise; and the information filtering is better. Let’s give a basic example of how a web scraper works.

Let’s imagine that we are interested in extracting the title of 400 pages; but not its images or the code of its CSS elements, which have the same format; and are found within the same site. On each of the 400 pages the title is inside a selector which in turn is inside the .header class.

What a good web scraper will do, like Codery, is detect that h1 selector that is inside the header class (.header h1) and it will extract that information in each of these 400 pages. Then we can obtain all this information by exporting the data in formats such as a .json list or a .csv file. What would take a few hours of absolute boredom and mechanical work manually, a web scraper can do in just a couple of minutes, its perfect.

Block Images And CSS On The Page You Want To Scrape By Using This API

Which Are The Uses Of a Web Scraping API?

The possibilities are really endless; since you can access internet content without limits, however, some examples for which you may need web scraping are:

To create content: we can design a robot that scrapes specific data from a website and we can use it to generate our own content. For example; scraping the statistical data from the official website of a football league to generate our own database.

To gain visibility on social networks: we can use the data from a scraping to interact through a robot with users on social networks. For example; create an instagram bot that selects the links of each photo; and then schedule a comment on each entry.

To control the image and visibility of our brand on the internet: through scraping we can automate the position by which various articles on our website are positioned in Google or; for example, control the presence of our brand name in certain forums .

Now that you know, do you need help to scrape information for your business? Then you should start using Codery today!

Access The Best Web Content In Seconds With a Web Scraping API!

Codery is a great tool to collect data from a web page without coding code. You may utilize its templates to grab online data and automatically arrange data only by clicking and typing URLs.

Also, Codery features an advanced mode with auto-detection to make it easier for customers to customize a crawler and its data. You may modify your crawler to meet your scraping requirements.

Block Images And CSS On The Page You Want To Scrape By Using This API

Among some of the advantages that Codery may provide you are; It is a service that you can use without any coding or programming experience; it also complies with most website and data extraction standards; and it employs a high-end rotation solution of IPs to prevent website blockage and the automated resolution of CAPTCHAs.

Try it and you will discover how easy it is to access all the data you need online!

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