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Block Threatening Domains Using This API For Confidence Score

Would you like to block threatening domains using an API for confidence score? You can achieve that by using the following API!

Everyone on the Internet is a target, as terrifying as that may sound. Everyone is susceptible to receive cyber-attacks. And how so? For instance, when handled improperly, some of your email conversations may be mistaken for spam by servers, resulting in their refusing to distribute them. Moreover, internet service providers (ISPs) might ultimately opt to completely block your domains in the future.

Since it demonstrates your domain’s capability or readiness to fend off cyber threats and support marketing initiatives, your domain reputation can inspire confidence. The issue, however, is that elements like host configuration issues, virus exposure, related domains, and so on, can have an impact on the reputation of your domain and must be carefully investigated before things get out of hand. But it can all be avoided.

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Through a domain reputation API service, you can obtain a thorough evaluation of your domain reputation. It enables you to test a domain using a variety of parameters, the majority of which are examined using many feeds from important data sources in addition to an external configuration audit process utilizing threat intelligence. And the outcome is a composite safety score with numerous real-world uses.

So, if you need to block threatening domains, you can do it by using the Domain Reputation and Children Safety API. With this API you will be able to block the unsafe domains that are on the website in order to secure your personal life. Moreover, it is really easy to use, and you will not waste time and money.

To block threatening domains in your personal digital device with Domain Reputation and Children Safety API, follow these steps:

-Click here to see the Domain Reputation and Children Safety API marketplace page.

-You can subscribe for a trial, or you can subscribe to any of its plans

– Provide the domain or URL from which you wish to verify your reputation and confidence scores.

-Make sure you verify in the reCAPTCHA box that you are not a robot.

-At long last, the outcome will show, and that’s it!

Info About Domain Reputation and Children Safety API

Users can determine whether a website is secure or not by utilizing this API. Additionally, users can stay away from scams and inappropriate websites by using this API. To check if the domain is appropriate for children, use a straightforward query. All that this API requires is the domain that you will search for. The domain reputation and confidence filtering capabilities of this API are great. Ideal for businesses looking to retrieve domain rankings.

You’ll learn whether safety is “SAFE,” “UNKNOWN,” or “NOT SAFE.” Reputation range: 1 to 100. 100 represents the highest standing, etc.; Range from 1 to 100 for assurance. The highest level of assurance is 100; moreover, child safety ranges from 1 to 100; List of categories that fit the domain, along with a confidence score.

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